Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #37: Back Out West

Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #37: Back Out West

good friend. On this beautiful morning, the morning of the Flower Hall of Fame, before I get lost in the sauce and forget about it, I wanted to drop a surprise cops list detailing some of the highlights surrounding my favorite day of the year. A lot of nice drops happened around the 20th of the month. Despite being in NYC for the holidays and being in NYC for yesterday’s Emerald Cup Judges Retreat and today’s Hall of Flowers, I couldn’t let these gems fall by the wayside.

It has some frequent flyers, but it also has some of my favorite picks and some fun bonus guys for kicks. Maybe I’m getting older, but as much as I complain about the state of the larger industry and the overall sinking quality of the product, I need to admit that the guys at the top are getting better and better. I feel that there is.

As always, blast me on Twitter if you don’t like this or let me know with any new fevers I should check out.My lungs are your lungs and we’re all in this together.

Photo: Biriapak. No photo: LameZ

You may have seen him tease this on my IG story earlier this year when he completed his first batch of tests (which, by the way, was only 6 plants. Do you have smaller batches?). I got excited and fired my gun. sorry. It will probably happen again. But don’t worry, my friends, because it’s finally time to fold the rest of the world. RinIronically, there is a run of his original Z called LameZ. Sure he does all the emo stuff and the construction is so perfect it’s still hard to believe this is the original Z. It’s the most Z-lightful I’ve ever seen.It’s also true that Grape has basically become my Pokito Hermano at this point, so my decision that this is the current King of Z Hill can be called prejudice (hehehe, just kidding gentlemen !), but ask yourself: Is John TRUE Do you care about anything other than flowers? I think we both know the answer to that question. Also shameless plug-in: The gang is dropping her Birria bundle (complete with branded takeout her bag and container, perfect) this Saturday at her GOAT Global in Westwood. pull up!

Photo credit

Speaking of fkn’s stunning flowers (I can’t believe they make a living out of this), this could be the LCG killer the market has been waiting for. Doja called it “the sweetest candy” he had ever smelled. The look, smell and flavor that the market demands. It’s rare to actually taste the sweetness of smoke like this. This is what everyone is looking for when buying all relocked noises. Needless to say, the packaging was shaped like a coffin, neatly lined with ounce milon bottles as if they were about to be put into their final resting place, so this launch kit really hit my cold It touched the emo heart.

courtesy squint

From the sweetest candy to the OG’s most OG. If you want a taste of the classics, look no further. Valley Girl is ready to scratch that itch you’ve been feeling. Now we don’t have to tell you guys how much we love her OG. They’ve told you enough. And while I usually lean towards fruity varieties, this gas has complexity that has had a huge impact on the flavors and I just couldn’t stop smoking. It definitely adds some resistance to the sofa, but it’s a great way to unwind after a stressful day, as your worries literally melt away as you sink deeper and deeper into the sofa.

Courtesy CGO

I told you you’ll hear more about this guy soon.I feel like every hash hole I’ve smoked lately that hasn’t been rolled by Fidel has come out CGOI wouldn’t expect as much from other brands of tubes as the ones I got at events (note the filter stickers). But today I’m here to talk about what some innovation gang brought to the scene: mini hash holes! , which are essentially hash-headed dogwalkers. Nothing typical dipped in disty and rounded off with Keef nonsense. This is a true donut in a micro-sized package. Also, for the masses, let’s not forget that not everyone can hang out like OG, but now everyone can feel like he’s the one.

by Terp Hogz

gang The original Z has forever had an impressive flavor portfolio. Their blueberry isn’t exactly a new flavor, but this new batch they got has finally reached full perfection. It smells and tastes just like them and hits you like an awful runaway train. We guarantee that there will be no And stoned as hell – I thought this would be good for hanging out in the afternoon and it completely derailed my day. Like when I saw the movie below.

Photo credit @erik.nugshots

As far as portfolios go, nothing beats a bank archive. Seed games have been good business for decades, but I’ve seen very few dealers who can actually complete the process and deliver a product that can stand up to the best. Nothing wrong with that (!!), but this is definitely not the case. archive, they certainly sell genetics, but their packs smoke with one of the market-leading growers. It has a great flavor and is a favorite especially whenever I’m at the Astor Club in New York. And although I’m primarily a flower guy, I have no doubt that the hash that comes from their flowers will be some of the most memorable flavors I’ve tasted.

Courtesy Banger Management

I’m going to start by saying this Pribs I’m a general fan of almost every project he touches, but his latest iteration Banger management It’s really something special. Barring that for SoCal, which is a little further south than I normally travel, San Diego isn’t usually one of the first names people think of when it comes to bomb weed. But it’s not recognized as a Mecca like many cities and counties in the northern part of the state. That said, the homies do some mixed-light jobs that can stand next to 90% of the indoors I see, at a much more affordable price. I wouldn’t call it a ‘local brand’, but I can assure you it’s run by locals.

Courtesy Exotic Substance

First of all, I know it’s been blazing hot out of Michigan lately, but hats off to the gang. exotic matter Really fast. Jimi has admired the Red Bulls for years. I appreciate his opinion a lot, but this is the first expression of a breed I’m really into. Frankly, I take more opportunities than most people these days. In case you didn’t know, Michigan is still in a very exciting phase of the industry. Reminiscent of his 215 days in California, there’s been a lot of experimentation going on and it’s all making weeds because everyone’s excited about its access. That being said, these guys are a perfect example of how you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to stand out…it just takes a really good weed! but at the same time a strangely familiar scent. The transition from aroma to flavor is perfect, and this is one of those rare instances where you can actually bring out more depth of taste than smell. A near-perfect smoking experience. The high was a balanced mix of goofy and calm, so I wouldn’t necessarily say it has a Red Bull effect, but this is perfect for the day.

Rhythm of etiquette

Oh John trying to give props to the MSO? I know it’s rare and I’ve said in the past that Illinois is a tough market right now. It’s not a flower lover’s paradise at the moment as a few operators usually focus more on scale than quality. rhythm They announced last month what I think is a great new product, but I haven’t seen it in other markets yet, so their praise is well deserved. The best stems for plants – now available for purchase. Nor is it broken. This extended mylar includes the entire stem and is perfectly groomed. I’ve always been spoiled for the fact that I can visit plant growth but this is a very different approach to getting the finished product to the consumer and I hope that newbies get a better feel for this plant that we love so much I can’t wait to see how it performs in the market.

courtesy puffco

This April 20th could be the best industry collaboration ever puffco Released the new Cupsy in collaboration with none other than the tallboy champion of iced tea, ArizonaNow that I grew up with 99-cent cans, the fact that they’re stepping into the culture is especially rewarding to me. That said, seeing them do it with a true New York brand like Puffco feels like a perfect marriage and makes their appearance all the more impactful. I wasn’t a huge Cupsy user at first, but this strange thing is so beautiful it draws you in like a magnet.

courtesy postmate

This is the most amazing 4/20 stunt I’ve seen this year and it honestly tickled me since I found out about it. Great way to lean back without changing language postmate has released the “Takeoutfit” outfit, designed to act as a table for delivery orders. Warm pads on the thighs, foldable pouches to hide smoked goods and condiments (already filled with special truffle sauce) ), equipped with a removable washable sleeve ‘napkin’. And as if there weren’t enough bells and whistles already, the fit comes in an oversized takeout box, To be honest, it was much more comfortable than I expected.

Courtesy Skull Candy

4/20 every year skull candy will release fun limited-run headphones for culture, but they’re still my favorites this year. Dubbed “Haze,” these fuzzy-green headphones with an alluring orange and purple edging are a particularly special category for daytime smokers like me, a part of our culture. It pays homage to one of the foundations of Note that these are plastic, but the sound quality is surprisingly impressive, and the companion app enables a host of new features to help you stay hands-free on the go. I don’t mean to, but being able to change songs without having to stop the rotation of the joints is pretty cool.

This is clearly not a culture play, but have you guys tried this new Joan yet??? I’ve covered most of my soda addiction in the past and this one is insanely sweet, but insanely delicious. and cream tarps are elite. If you don’t mind driving down sugar roads, just take this one in your mouth and tell me I’m wrong. Got the sugar free version and called me talking shit so you have GOT to get the full flavor. Love yourself and go full sugar.

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