Littered Joint Roaches Wreak Havoc for Dog Parents in New York City

Littered Joint Roaches Wreak Havoc for Dog Parents in New York City

A chorus of dog parents are complaining about the scourge of communal cockroaches littering the streets of New York City less than six months after the sale of adult-use cannabis.

KTLA5 report Dog parents and veterinarians are concerned that dogs are eating cockroaches scattered throughout New York City, which they say is a public nuisance.

Dr. Amy Attas, a New York City veterinarian, told KTLA 5 that she’s been getting more and more calls from dog parents worried that their dogs would sniff out and eat cockroaches left on the sidewalk.

“The reason we’re seeing so many cases is because people are using marijuana on the streets and throwing away the unwanted ends of their joints,” Attas said. “And dogs eat them, so that’s a real problem.”

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,ASPCA), the Animal Poison Control Center (APCC), recreational drugs, including cannabis, are part of the organization’s annual list of top toxins for pets. announced During National Poison Prevention Week March 19-25 last year.

In 2022, the APCC team will receive nearly 11% more calls related to potential cannabis use than in the previous year, representing a nearly 300% increase in calls over the past five years. “For me, it’s incredible how prevalent this is now,” he said.

According to the APCC, most calls involve pets consuming foods that are more dangerous than consuming plant material, sometimes combined with ingredients like chocolate, another dog toxin. Eating food may cause symptoms such as an upset stomach, urinary incontinence, and ataxia.

Colleen Briggs is one New York dog parent worried about cockroaches on the sidewalk after her 8-month-old toy poodle ate cannabis. “He was exploring everything, sniffing everything, as he always does,” says Briggs. Said KTLA5.

Sue Scott, whose 9-month-old pug ate a cockroach, is also concerned. I was. “But they are so fast that they can be quite difficult to control. They just lunge at something.

CBD instead of THC for dogs

Although THC is considered a toxin for dogs, it is generally considered harmful to the dog’s body. too small to handle compoundsCBD may give different results.

Dr. Helen Rudnick of Austin Urban Vet said: high times In 2018, anecdotal reports suggested that CBD could be beneficial to dogs. One claim, as reported in children, is that CBD helps dogs suffering from seizures. It means that there is a possibility.

For example, British professional boxer Anthony Fowler posted a video What dogs looked like when they had seizures and how quickly CBD oil stopped them from shivering.another viral video CBD oil has shown to stop another dog’s seizures in less than a minute.

In 2022, the National Animal Supplements Council (NASC) launched a petition to oppose Idaho’s ban on CBD for animals. We believe banning CBD is more dangerous because it requires scrutiny.

So NASC called people to action on the council website petition at

What to do with cockroaches instead of littering

There are several ways to retrieve weeds left behind by cockroaches.

you can make grandfather joint, use the emptied cockroaches and reroll some of them into new joints. Cannabis left on cockroaches usually contains excess resin that was collected when the original joint was smoked.

1st or 2nd generation cockroach joints are best, but some users say they have smoked 5th generation cockroach joints before. Another option is to get a cockroach clip so you can suck it all the way through.

Another option is to make roach butter or infuse the butter with leftover weed using the same general guidelines you would use with virgin cannabis. effectively decarboxylated.

If you don’t want to smoke roach weed, dump it somewhere so it doesn’t end up on the sidewalk where your dog will inevitably smell and eat it.

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