Majority of Nearly Every Subgroup in U.S. Favors Legal Pot, Gallup Poll Shows

Majority of Nearly Every Subgroup in U.S. Favors Legal Pot, Gallup Poll Shows

Across 35 subgroups divided by ideology, religion and age, nearly every demographic had a majority support legal cannabis in the United States, with only two exceptions.

Gallup recently released a poll using the latest data from October 3-20. Findings are based on telephone interviews with her random sample of 1,009 people living in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia. The list includes people from all walks of life, men and women, Democrats and Republicans. As usual, landline and mobile phone numbers were selected using a random digit dialing method.

And by using this combined with data collected over the past five years (2018-2022), they present a stronger aggregate analysis of the demographic differences in opinions on cannabis legalization. Did.

It has been stable over the past two years, with a record 68% of Americans saying they fully support legal pot. This number has not changed since the survey was conducted in 2020 and he in 2021.

Gallup Results Beyond Ideology

Those with no religious preferences top the list at 89%, followed by liberals at 84%, Democrats at 81%, and young people closely at 79%, who rarely or never attend religious ceremonies People were second at 78%.

The only subgroups that did not have a majority in favor of legal pot were 46% of weekly churchgoers and 49% of conservatives, while young conservatives aged 18 to 49 were marginally supportive of pot legalization. was supported by Baby boomer conservatives, however, are another story.

“Americans have grown to support marijuana legalization over the past two decades, but support seems to have plateaued so far, and we haven’t seen any change in the last three years.” I have written Jeffrey M. Jones in a poll report.

Protestants and Catholics support legal cannabis at 60% each. College education appears to be shifting attitudes to become more positive about cannabis. Graduates favor legal cannabis more than non-graduates, at 69% and 66%, respectively. Please stay at

“While the majority of most major subgroups are in favor of legalizing marijuana, there are a few resisters — political conservatives and regular churchgoers,” he continued. A small portion of Americans (particularly older conservatives) are still reluctant to think that marijuana use should be legal, but young conservatives and young moderates believe cannabis should be legal. As such, we expect support for legalizing marijuana to displace older generations of the U.S. population over the next few decades, while newer generations, perhaps those who favor marijuana, continue to grow. will be

Suburban residents supported legal pot at 72%, more than city residents (67%) or rural residents (60%). Also, men (70%) were slightly more supportive of legal pot than women (65%).

In 1969, when Gallup first polled the poll, only 12% of Americans said cannabis should be legal. That number has risen steadily, briefly stalling during the 1980s “say no” frenzy, but now he’s up to 68%.

Polls show normalization of cannabis use in America. This is many light years away from the previous generation.

Time is ticking for a generation that doesn’t support legal cannabis, and it’s consistently shrinking each year. Young conservatives who now support legal pot will soon replace the ballot box with older conservatives.

Download a PDF of the full list of Gallup poll responses here.

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