Numerous California Cities Approve Cannabis Retail Measures

Numerous California Cities Approve Cannabis Retail Measures

The majority of cannabis-related initiatives approved are in Los Angeles and San Diego counties, with 70 additional possibilities being greenlit. cannabis retail licenseIn California, Los Angeles leads as the most populous county, followed by San Diego, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Los Angeles County Voters approved 25 retail licenses with 59.88% in favor. It enacts taxes in the unincorporated areas of the county. This includes a $10 per square foot tax on growers, a 6% tax on gross retail revenue (plus gross revenue tax, a 2% tax on testing facilities, a 3% tax on distribution, and a “manufacturing and other marijuana 4% for business premises)”. “)moreover, santa monica Voters approved Measure HMP with a 66.79% “yes” vote to tax non-medical cannabis retailers, medical retailers, and all other licensed cannabis businesses (the City currently has there are only two retailers).cannabis-related measures in Claremont, kudahi, LinwoodWhen South El Monte also passed. However, there have been many cities that have chosen not to accept cannabis for: Hermosa Beach, manhattan beachWhen El Segundo All have elected to keep the ban on commercial cannabis businesses.

San Diego Countyapproved a cannabis tax through 57.28% of Measure A, although it has only approved five cannabis businesses to date. This would impose a tax of 6% on retail, 2% on testing, 3% on cultivation (or $10 per square foot of canopy, adjusted for inflation), and 4% on all other businesses.County officials say these taxes can be up to $5.5 million per year for general endowmentAny news is good news, according to George Sadler, CEO of San Diego-based cannabis brand Gelato. “Access has always been an issue,” says Sadler. “Any progress is a big plus.”

Most of Orange County currently does not allow cannabis businesses except for the city of Santa Ana. Huntington Beach Voters approved Measure O with a 54.69% affirmative vote, imposing a 6% tax on the gross revenues of retailers and a 1% tax on the gross revenues of other cannabis businesses (300,000 per year). estimated to generate $600,000 from the dollar). This could lead to up to 10 retail cannabis licenses.of Laguna Woodsvoters also approved a cannabis tax directed at common city services on Measure T with 62% of the vote.

in Northern California, sacramento county Voters were presented with a cannabis tax bill called Measure B, but it failed. Her 53.49% of voters approved the initiative, but he needed 2/3 votes (or 66%+) to pass.neighboring cities such as Monterey When Pacific Grove Approved tax measures. In Sonoma County, heelsburg Voters approved Measure M.

In San Bernardino County, voters approved a tax initiative in Montclair. measure RPeople of Central California Kings County, Avenal Approves tax initiatives similar to Measure C, and voters can mcfarlandin Kern County.

California’s local cities and counties have implemented cannabis initiatives, but the state has recently implemented other changes as well.

California voters also chose to keep Gavin Newsom governor until his next term. In early October, Newsom signed into law a bill called the “Alternative Justice Act” to help defendants charged with drug-related crimes. You will be subject to criminal penalties, but without collateral consequences.”

“This petition option allows individuals to resume their lives after incarceration without being prevented from securing housing or employment,” the organization explained.

In September, Newsom also signed legislation to protect employees who choose to consume cannabis after hours. “These steps build on the significant progress our state has made toward this goal, while ensuring that it is fair, safe, sustainable and legal,” Newsom said in a press release. A lot of work remains to build a successful cannabis industry. We look forward to working with our legislature and policymakers to bring full legalization of cannabis to communities across California. ”

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