Maryland Cannabis Workers Get Same Covid-19 Vaccine Status as Health Care Workers

Maryland Cannabis Workers Get Same Covid-19 Vaccine Status as Health Care Workers

Employees of Kanna Business are included in the first wave of healthcare providers to vaccinate the Covid-19 vaccine in Maryland. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is working with the State Department of Health to ensure that patients with medical marijuana do not have to be afraid that a pandemic will affect their ability to access drugs.

Cannabis is essential

The committee has been working since the start of the pandemic Consider cannabis workers as “essential workers”Demanding them to wear masks and force social distances, and now offer their coveted vaccinations to reduce the risk of themselves and those around them.

According to the Baltimore Business Journal, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission warns more than 130 licensed cannabis companies in all sectors that their employees will be subject to Phase 1A of the state’s phased vaccine distribution program. Did.

Medical marijuana is a medicine

The Maryland Department of Health has issued a directive stating that registered employees at medical cannabis pharmacies, laboratories, cultivation sites, and processing sites are eligible as “registered health care providers.” The fact that the state goes beyond the apparent need for clinics to access vaccines provides a comprehensive understanding of the importance of medical marijuana programs.

Maryland is one of more than 20 states that the cannabis business considers essential during a pandemic. Some of those states have included their entertainment cannabis business as equally essential workers.

A representative of SunMed Growers told the Baltimore Business Journal that employees of a Cecil County-based company have begun applying for the vaccine and will receive the first dose by the weekend.

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