The THC Levels of Common Marijuana Strains

The THC Levels of Common Marijuana Strains

What is the THC content of common weeds today? Many of you are probably interested in this, and it’s important to get things in sight to give you the best answer. The best way to continue is to first check for weed progression before 2020. That way, if you’re new to this and ask questions like: The best stock for you is $ 20 to $ 30 more per gram. I’ll bring a $ 60 concentrate-this may be a good read for you.

Marijuana THC Levels: How Much THC Does Weeds contain?

Prior to the 1990s, the THC potency of common strains was completely different from what it is today, according to credible sources. In the 90’s, THC levels for common marijuana strains were around 4%. Five years later, between 1995 and 2015, there was a 212% increase. A 2017 report shows that a popular strain in state pharmacies known as “Girl Scout Cookies” has medical weed levels of 17-28%. If you look at cannabis THC content charts of all kinds today, it may indicate that common pharmacy marijuana strains have been tested at THC levels of around 22% or higher. That may or may not be good. I’ll leave this to you.

As the number of states legalizing marijuana continues to grow, more and more people are buying and consuming weeds. When comparing or measuring marijuana strains at the highest THC levels, know that just because one batch of strains is tested at a particular THC percentage does not mean that the same strains grown in different conditions are identical. It is important to keep it. There are multiple factors in growth, and all growers do it a little differently. Save it on another occasion.

The two most well-known compounds in marijuana are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Both of these cannabinoids look like people are looking for when choosing a marijuana product. Even if studies show that more than 100 cannabinoids have been found in medicinal plants, such as tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), and cannabichromevarin (CBCV).

What is weed THC content?

The focus remains at the marijuana level and is the most important factor in stock selection for the majority of people. Indeed, THC is a psychotropic cannabinoid and an active compound that causes the “stoner experience.” Not to mention when people refer to certain strains of weeds as “strong,” they usually imply that they are known to have a high proportion of medical weeds. Generally, when plants contain high levels of THC, the proportion of CBD decreases and vice versa. Again, something to determine if it’s important.

Marijuana stock THC content

The general perception is that cannabis has three categories, most of which serve as weed levels. Cannabis can be categorized as Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Understanding the importance of cannabinoids and terpenes in each unique strain will help you choose your pot. There are hundreds of cannabinoids in the Mardiuana plant. Here are some of my personal favorites. Include a brief description and an approximate THC level. Hopefully this points you in the right direction to find out what works best:

Green crack (green cush)

In my opinion, this is one of the best stocks you can get. According to reviews, this strain attacks you with a fruity, citrus aroma, but it can vary from source to source. It’s one of the easy-to-grow stocks, but it’s worth it. THC levels are high (17% on average) and CBD is less than 1%. The majority of people report that they are experiencing uplifting and exciting heights.

Silver haze

People have said they use Silver Haze for stress, anxiety, depression, pain, or loss of appetite. Silver Haze is also a related strain with slightly different effects, you can also look for or try the more popular strain Super Silver Haze. Super Silver Haze is a hybrid of Silver Haze and another powerful weed strain.

Chemdawg (Chem Dawg)

Most people think that this strain “needs to be tried”. It usually has a CBD of 2% or higher. In fact, legendary strains are considered a staple of the US CBD market because of their unique taste and effectiveness. THC is usually 20% effective.

Pineapple Express

This is a hybrid strain containing 17-21% THC. It is said to give off a unique tropical fruit scent. Trainrec was one of the genetics used during the mating of Pineapple Express. Trainwreck is not on this list, but it is a strain you should try.

Rams bread (rams breath or rams bread)

The plant takes 7-10 weeks to bloom and is estimated to be of Jamaican origin. This strain is also speculated to be Bob Marley’s favorite. THC levels range from 10% to 21%. It can give off a rustic, lemon-like, pungent, spicy, or dull scent.

OG Kush

The scent of strain is woody or piny, and irritation is the best way to explain it. The OG Kush has always been one of the favorites of most Stoners and is a true classic. It contains a THC concentration level of 19-24%.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

This appetizing strain is sweet and rustic. All sources indicate that THC levels are above 25%. This strain also contains small amounts of CBD, ranging from 0.09% to 0.2%. This is definitely a popular flavor to add to your list.

Doctor Who

According to reviews, it sounds like a great choice. Almost all of Doctor Who’s phenotypes show purple. This is the result of high concentrations of anthocyanin pigments stimulated by unusually cold weather during the growth process. Doctor Who always has a lot of THC.


I don’t know what it looks like, but sources say this strain may contain myrcene, terpinolene, linalool, B-caryophyllene, and limonene. Sensister contains a small amount of CBD of 0.2% -1% and is estimated to have high levels of THC in the range of 20-26%.

Sour diesel

The scent it produces is exactly what it sounds like: the scent of gasoline with a refreshing hint of lemon. Sour diesel is heavy on D-limonene and alpha-pinene and provides a scent that stimulates the senses. This strain is said to be a plant that is difficult for master growers to grow properly. According to reviews, the chemical composition is 19-25% THC and the CBD level is below 0.3%. Sour Diesel is an OG Classic and a heavy hitter-another has to try tension.

Additional strains to consider are: Trainrec, GrandDaddy Purp, Gorilla Glue, Blue Dreams, Skywalker OG, Aurora, Gelato, Jack Herer, Durban Poison. These are all great strains that we fully recommend.

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