Missouri Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers Grow Steadily

Missouri Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers Grow Steadily

As Missouri’s medical marijuana program continues to expand, so does the number of patients.

Missouri Medical Marijuana Patients

Missouri first launched its application to medical marijuana patients in June 2019, and despite the pandemic-stricken year of turmoil, the number is now swelling to 44,097. Over the past five months, Missouri has been highly involved in the medical marijuana patient certification process, with more than 4,400 patients certified each month. This steadily increasing number guarantees value for marijuana business owners in Missouri. The more patients they participate in, the more products they are likely to sell.

The number of accredited patients exceeded the expectations of many, but less than others expected. This may be partly due to the fact that it became increasingly difficult to meet a doctor in person when the reality of life with COVID-19 became established. Some patients complained that the card was virtually worthless until they could buy the product from a licensed pharmacy, but the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program has state-approved medical cannabis. Can be cultivated in-house.

One of Missouri’s first clinics opened in October 2020, which was far behind what many initially expected. The delay in COVID-19 delayed the development of Missouri’s cannabis business, but did not stop patients from being certified because Missouri allowed reservations for virtual certification. As dispensery operators continue to open throughout the state, efforts to disseminate information to non-participants may increase and a higher percentage of patient certifications will be seen in the coming months.

Industry-wide setback in the era of COVID-19

Another major setback that the Missouri cannabis industry had to tackle was the derailment of Missouri’s campaign for a new approach that would have legalized marijuana for adult use in the state. These efforts were dissolved when the coronavirus stopped the highly active signature collection process.

In addition to the difficulty of the campaign, state-wide licensed cannabis businesses face various setbacks, including delays in construction, new safety regulations, and buildout obstacles caused by the inability to receive international shipping of raw materials. did. But the most ambitious team can push through and a wave of grand opening can occur between this spring and summer.

It is no exaggeration to say that industry leaders are in agreement with new ways to do business. With the delivery of drive-through windows and medical marijuana products in Missouri, clinics can provide patients with a variety of secure trading environments that they prefer over in-store shopping. Despite the catastrophic consequences of the pandemic, Missouri’s extensive protocol to regulate cannabis operations shows that it is an industry that can operate in the midst of a catastrophe.

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