Moneybagg Yo, Gumbo Shut Down Miami for ‘Shot Off’ Launch

In December, the brand usually chooses to launch its activities during the very popular Art Basel Week in Miami. But right now the hottest cannabis is making noise in the streets. Gumbo Brandschart-topping hip-hop artist money bag, waited for the dust to settle to celebrate the partnership announcement of Bugs’ new gumbo lineage, “Shotoff Gumbo.” On a more intimate note, they closed black-owned restaurant Playa Miami, along with several celebrity friends of the brand, City Girls’ Kalesha, Amber Rose, Noah Moneybag Yo, label mates, tastemakers and media outlets. We invited about 50 guests, including , and Gumbo brand founders Karim Butler and Alexis Major himself.

The amount of ice dripping into the small guest room was surprisingly mind-boggling. Bring-off from wall to wall! If you’ve never been to a Gumbo event, take note. They like to do everything for their culture. Drinks were flowing at a fully open bar… no doubt shots of 1942 were flirtatiously passed around the table. If you live in, or plan to visit, the Miami Beach area, we encourage you to book now. Highly recommend the mouth watering lamb chops, calamari bites and delicious mac & cheese. See you later! Vibes and networking hit his 1,000s, especially his DJ Wrecky, who kept it totally hype while mixing Bagg’s hottest hits all night long. By the end of the event, no one wanted to leave and we literally had to turn the lights on. All guests were presented with a signature gumbo pen and plenty of gasoline.

Courtesy of Gumbo

Not only did Gumbo show his big love for Moneybagg Yo at the launch dinner, but he also sold a 150 carat VS diamond-encrusted chain and a 90 carat VS diamond watch, one of 18 Pristine jewelers in the world. gave it to him. A black-owned cannabis and lifestyle brand, the brand is making crazy noises on the streets. Notably, he’s garnered attention for his collaborations with today’s hottest entertainment including Meek Mill, Lil Miech, Noah, Fabolous, and his sponsor of viral podcasts, Drink His Champs.

The ‘Shot Off Gumbo’ strain becomes a hybrid with earthy sweet pine undertones and a euphoric and stony experience under the gumbo brand umbrella.

Courtesy of Gumbo

Gumbo Brands is an innovative cannabis and lifestyle new company founded by black-owned entrepreneurial power couple Karim Butler and Alexis Major. Unlike some corporate brands that jump into the industry and seek to capitalize on cultural equity, Gumbo Brands’ primary focus is to make a difference, build wealth, and educate within the Black and Brown communities. to share. Black owners make up just 4.3% of all cannabis businesses. The couple is breaking down that barrier by getting more people in their community into the cannabis business and giving them the resources and career opportunities to succeed. We make use of creative cultural initiatives in this area. It also supports racial justice outcomes and inclusion. This includes working with previously incarcerated people to obtain licenses.

Gumbo is now the number one brand in the cannabis sector, sold at top dispensaries nationwide, and has a global reach with products such as flowers, G-pens, exclusives and lifestyle products.They recently announced a partnership with global Empire Cookies that will give brands access to 22 states and 15 countries as cannabis acquisitions grow within legalized regions of the world. If you want to pick up a new cannabis strain, be sure to check it out

Courtesy of Gumbo

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