Nevada Lawmakers Introduce Psilocybin, MDMA Research Bill

Nevada Lawmakers Introduce Psilocybin, MDMA Research Bill

Two Democratic senators from Nevada introduced a bill last week to allow research into psilocybin, psychedelic mushrooms and MDMA, drawing inspiration from states like Oregon and Colorado where such substances have been legalized. I was.

suggestion, According to the bill’s official legislative summary“The process by which a research facility obtains approval from the Department of Health and Human Services to conduct certain research involving certain controlled substances. Decriminalize certain acts by persons over the age of 18 that contain 4 ounces or less of a fungus that produces psilocybin or psilocin, if related to and within the scope of the research. provide appropriate information relating to

in plain English, Around Las Vegas Sunit “decriminalized psychedelic mushrooms and MDMA for the purpose of studying their effects on a range of behavioral health disorders” and “decriminalized psychedelic mushrooms and MDMA for the purpose of studying their effects on a range of behavioral health disorders” and “confirmed that the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services used drugs from research institutions to Allows us to begin accepting applications to treat conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and addiction.”

The bill was introduced by Senators Rochelle Nguyen and Fabian Donato, Democrats representing Las Vegas.

The bill also includes two cosponsors from the state House of Representatives. Max Carter and Elaine Marzola, also Democrats.

Las Vegas Weekly reported last fall that Nguyen “has submitted a draft bill to the 2023 Legislative Council to ‘revise the provisions governing controlled substances’ and address issues of psychedelic decriminalization, regulation and research.” and, at the time, “could be helpful in the growing mental health crisis.”

Psychedelics such as mushrooms and MDMA have emerged as an emerging focus of drug reform advocates as scientists and medical professionals are increasingly drawn to their potential therapeutic benefits.

Las Vegas Weekly Nguyen reported highlighting the example of Oregon, which legalized psilocybin in 2020.

Late last year, the Oregon Department of Health finalized rules for the new psilocybin law, with particular consideration of access, affordability, and public safety.

“The Final Rule on Duration of Administration Sessions has been revised to create a new tier of sub-perceptual doses. These doses are defined as products containing less than 2.5 mg of the psilocybin analyte. After the session, the minimum duration of a subsensory dose for psilocybin specimens of 2.5 mg or less is 30 minutes,” the Oregon Department of Health said at the time.

Last year, voters in Colorado approved a bill to legalize psilocybin.

That may have spurred the trend in the mountainous western region. In addition to last week’s proposal in Nevada, activists in Utah have also launched efforts to legalize psilocybin mushrooms for medical purposes.

Democratic leader of the Utah Senate, Luz Escamilla, last month introduced a bill that would allow individuals over the age of 21 with eligible conditions, such as depression and anxiety, to receive psilocybin-assisted treatment directly from a psilocybin therapy provider. submitted the

“Cannabis has given us a really good opportunity to realize that we can use other natural products…to help us. I think we have good protection,” Escamilla said.

“This is not for everyone,” Escamilla added. “This isn’t for everyone, but if it’s for people who are desperate (for help) with anxiety, depression, or PTSD, unfortunately many people end up suicidal. We want it to be accessible in a secure way, and we can regulate it.”

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