Doctor on TikTok Says Be Honest About Smoking Weed Before Anesthesia

Doctor on TikTok Says Be Honest About Smoking Weed Before Anesthesia

on TikTok video In a post on March 10, influencer and doctor Kunal Sood MD said people who need anesthesia or smoke cannabis should disclose that information because real interactions can occur. Regular smokers may require higher doses of medication and it is in the patient’s best interest to plan accordingly.

LAD Bible report One doctor’s attempt to shed light on issues related to cannabis consumers is grounded in practice, not just the typical scare tactics we hear from other sources.

“Did you know that long-term use of cannabis (marijuana) requires more anesthesia to achieve the same effect,” reads his TikTok video. If you do, be sure to tell your anesthesiologist.”

It’s a simple five-second video that doctors just nod in agreement, but it has over 10 million views at the time of writing. Sood is a dual certified pain doctor and his CMO of Avenir Nutrition. He uses comedy and facts to inform people about health issues.

Just having a discussion about your cannabis use with your doctor can make a big difference in determining your drug dosage. Doctors aren’t advising people to quit smoking completely, just be honest with your doctor.

Simply put, if you consume cannabis regularly, you will likely become unconscious for surgery and will probably require a higher dose of anesthesia than others to remain unconscious. , that could mean you can’t fully knock out. Waking up during surgery really sounds like one of the best ever worst experience what a person can have.

We found that most experienced anesthesiologists would say the same thing. may occur.

harvard David Heppner, MD, MPHissued a similar petition in 2020, saying more and more people needed varying amounts of anesthesia to consume cannabis.

“How you use marijuana (smoking, eating, etc.), how often you use it, and how much it affects your body’s response. anesthesia’” wrote Hepner. “Both marijuana and anesthesia affect the central nervous system, so people who use marijuana regularly may need different amounts of anesthetic drugs. Physicians need to know in advance how much and how often to use marijuana.”

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) has the following list: 8 things to tell your doctor or anesthesiologist Marijuana use is one of them.

Recently, detailed informed advice on potential interactions between cannabis and anesthetics before, during and after surgery was released.

first time guidelines Cannabis use and surgery timelines will be announced on January 3. American Society of Local Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA Pain Medicine), To date, he acknowledged that there is no “single document” that brings together all these concerns.

This guidance builds on known data and recommendations from the Cannabis and Cannabinoids Perioperative Use Guidelines Committee, a group of 13 anesthesiologists, chronic pain physicians, professionals, and patient advocates. Based on

The committee answered 9 questions and made 21 recommendations.

“Many of the perioperative risks and challenges associated with perioperative cannabis are well documented, including how to advise patients preoperatively, the effects of cannabis on anesthetics, and interactions between cannabis, opioids, and pain. However, there is no single document that summarizes all these concerns and provides evidence-based recommendations,” the document reads.

You might want to hear what your anesthesiologist has to say about cannabis.

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