New California Bill Would Allow Cannabis Catering

New California Bill Would Allow Cannabis Catering

According to KTLA5, a new bill in the California Legislature may finally allow cannabis catering at private events. The federal government, which has yet to declassify cannabis at this time, is often accused of its regressive cannabis policies. will of the people. Ultimately, however, a step in the right direction could be taken thanks to Congressional Bill 471, written by Congressman Ash Carla (D-San Jose). Carla was the first Indian American to serve in the California Legislature and previously authored bills such as AB-2542 (California Racial Justice Act of 2020) and AB 572 (California Deforestation Free Procurement). Did.

AB471 (introduced February 6, still pending review at time of reporting) expands existing language to give licensed caterers the ability to serve cannabis at private events, like weddings. The venue wants to change current cannabis laws by hiring florists for flowers, caterers for food and alcohol providers for wine. The bill simply allows commercial cannabis activities, so there’s no need to hide cannabis at weddings, and serve it to your guests responsibly in the same way you would food and wine.

However, if you like mixed reds and greens, that is, wine and cannabis, you’ll have to stick with one or the other or pick a side. . For one, areas designated for cannabis consumption must be restricted to persons over the age of 21. No, caterers cannot provide alcohol services. In addition, cannabis caterers may not sponsor, promote, or host events (limiting the publicity an event receives). If you are a catering licensee, it is illegal to serve cannabis or related paraphernalia at a single establishment for more than 36 events in a calendar year. Please choose your business carefully as it will be used.

I’ve been to many parties in California where cannabis was served, so if you’re confused reading this, here’s what the bill would change: Naturally, many people bend this rule, but that’s the law. However, if AB471 is passed, cannabis companies may be hired to obtain catering licenses and serve cannabis at private events. It must be remembered that bureaucracy and money often make it difficult for cannabis companies to obtain such licenses in the first place.

Unfortunately, it’s also worth noting that a similar bill was proposed in Karla’s last parliament and was rejected. So I don’t even know if AB471 will pass. On the positive side, however, Carla’s emphasis on environmental considerations says that if the bill is passed, cannabis catering companies will reuse unused cannabis from one event to another, minimizing waste. (and make sure no one wastes weed).

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