New Hampshire Rep. Goes from Republican to Independent Due to Rejection of Pot Legalization Bill

New Hampshire Rep. Goes from Republican to Independent Due to Rejection of Pot Legalization Bill

Dan Hynes, a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, made the announcement on Thursday. Facebook He said he was officially changing party affiliation from Republican to independent because he believes the Republican Party no longer emphasizes priorities such as defending the Constitution and individual liberties.

In his post he explained: 3 examples That led to his decision. This includes the disappointment that lawmakers were unable to protect the rights of both parents and children, and the recent passage of a budget bill with about 20% spending, which has been rushed. and explained that there was not enough time for people to read the budget. Thoroughly.

Another issue that influenced his decision involved Republicans’ almost unanimous vote against cannabis legalization. “It’s clear that they are out of touch with the overwhelming majority of voters and do not respect or defend individual liberties,” Hines said. “I hope that the Republican Party will return to advocating for smaller government. “

The bill Hines referred to would House Bill 639the bill was defeated on May 11, legalizing recreational cannabis, establishing a regulatory framework, establishing a 12.5% ​​tax on cannabis products, and funding research, education, substance abuse programs, and more. It included the implementation of a cannabis income campaign.

In May, Sen. William Gannon voiced his opposition to HB-639, saying legalization would be “selling the future of New Hampshire’s youth for gold, just as Judas sold Jesus for a few shiny coins.” will be,” he claimed.

Following the bill’s rejection, Senators Becky Whitley and Shannon Chandley issued personal statements on the issue. “The failure of HB-639 to pass today means that New Hampshire will continue to miss out on significant revenue as New Hampshire residents buy cannabis products in neighboring states, resulting in a marijuana ban. will continue to cause serious harm caused by Mr Whitley said:. “Granite starters have already waited long enough for cannabis legalization in our state, but the Senate Majority intends to keep the public waiting even longer.”

Earlier in January, the office of New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu shared that a bipartisan approach to cannabis legalization would never reach Mr. Sununu’s desk. “It has been repeatedly defeated in the Senate under both Republican and Democratic administrations,” the office said. “With teenage drug use and overdoses on the rise, it’s not expected that Congress will see now as the time to ignore the data and move forward.”

But in May, Sununu released another statement in support of cannabis legalization that focused on harm reduction. “New England is the only state in New England where recreational use is not legal. Ignoring this reality is shortsighted and harmful.” Sununu said. “That is why, with the right policies and frameworks in place, we are ready to sign a New Hampshire-led legalization bill that focuses on reducing harm rather than benefit.”

Sununu finished his statement He has a firm outlook on which cannabis bills he will veto or not. “I support legalizing marijuana the right way in this Congress rather than risking a poorly thought out framework that may inevitably be passed by future governors and Congress. If Congress passes future legalization bills without these provisions in place, they will be vetoed.” Sununu said. “This is the best way forward for our state, and I am ready and willing to work with Congress to bring forward legislation that is smart, sustainable, and preserves the structure and culture of our state. It is working.”

A poll released in March 2022 by the University of New Hampshire found that 74% of residents support cannabis legalization.

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