Santa Monica, California’s First Licensed Dispensary Opens Years After Approval

Santa Monica, California’s First Licensed Dispensary Opens Years After Approval

While there are delivery services and dozens of pharmacies operating nearby, the first licensed medical cannabis dispensary will open in Santa Monica, California, very close to Venice and the surrounding area.

Santa Monica falls halfway, “America’s Largest Legal Cannabis Market” McReynolds & Co. report The city of Santa Monica says it is “strictly limiting” the number of medicinal marijuana retailers allowed. Currently, the city has only two of his licenses to sell medical cannabis.

of Santa Monica Daily Press is reporting local cannabis companyOwned by Massachusetts-based Calyx Peak, it will be the city’s first licensed pharmacy. This is also the first time Calix Peak has opened an outlet west of Kansas City, Missouri.

Last week marked the six-year anniversary of the opening of the first cannabis dispensary in Santa Monica, California. application requested This permit was granted over a year ago in October 2021.

“It has been six years since they decided to do this and look at where the cannabis market is today,” said Calix Peak CEO Erin Caracillo. Told. “And not many people have medical cards because they don’t need them anymore. Since we opened, the conversion rate is only around 20%. I think it’s closer to 10%, but you know how far it is. , people just don’t want to wait.”

Harvest in Santa Monica — Second dispensary planned at 1416 Wilshire Boulevard —was also approvedscheduled for January 2022, but not yet fleshed out.

Santa Monica and cannabis

city ​​of santa monica currently allowed Medical pharmacies with limited on-site culture and light manufacturing operations that do not require volatile solvents. The manufacture, testing, distribution, and sole commercial cultivation of medical cannabis is not permitted.

Last November, I joined dozens of other communities in California, santa monica Voters approved Measure HMP with a 66.79% “yes vote” to introduce a tax on non-medical cannabis retailers, medical retailers, and all other licensed cannabis businesses.Cannabis-related measures Claremont, kudahi, Linwoodand South El Monte also passed.

Major HMP in Santa Monica is unique in that it includes retailers of products that contain all psychoactive cannabinoids, i.e. cannabinoids derived from industrial hemp.

However, city councilors are now discussing the potential for market growth. One problem, however, is that many medical cannabis patients in California have stopped getting medical cannabis recommendations because the same product is legal to adults over the age of 21 with no annual fee.

“The door is open so that’s a start and then we’ll look at how we can change this. We should be able to do both medical and business as usual. , I believe 100 percent that we don’t have to pay the same tax,” Caracillo said.

“Most stores should be making between five and nine million in sales per year, which is normal. Especially given the number of tourists visiting Santa Monica, the area should easily make 10 million.” And that’s because it requires a medical card, so it’s restricted to California residents only.I don’t have a California license or ID, so I can’t shop here.”

Howard Keum, chief corporate development officer at Calyx Peak, said: Santa Monica Daily Press “Santa Monica is still trying to get rid of outdated medical-only rules,” he said, adding that it’s time for the city to speed up and graduate from possible adult cannabis use.

The Local Cannabis Company is located at 925 Wilshire Blvd. The pharmacy’s official grand opening will take place on Saturday, June 24th.

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