New York Retail Dispensary Licenses Announced

New York Retail Dispensary Licenses Announced

The New York Office of Cannabis Control (OCM) has released the final list of applicants to be issued the state’s first retail cannabis licenses. 36 applicants announced November 20thSelected from 903 applicants.

“BREAKING: In a historic decision, #NYCCB has approved the first round of CAURD. [Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary] Licensee. His 28 individuals in the judiciary and his eight non-profits will conduct the first-ever adult sale by New York farmers, creating countless opportunities for our community. #NYCCB,” OCM wrote. twitter Areas with the most CAURD licenses include Manhattan (22), Long Island (20), Brooklyn (19), Mid-Hudson (19), and Queens (16).

according to new york timesthe majority of finalists are owned by people who have been previously convicted of cannabis crimes or have close relatives who were convicted. LIFE Camp) are also included in the final list.

In addition to announcing the finalists, OCM also released a 282-page document detailing the state’s draft regulations. ” #NYCCB Voted to advance OCM’s largest adult cannabis regulatory package since MRTA [Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act] Passed for public comment. These regulations aim to establish the rules for a safe, fair and consumer-driven marketplace focused on small businesses. ” written by the agencyinvite the public to submit comments to (Open for 60 days).

OCM previously said it aims to open several retail stores by the end of 2022. OCM spokesman Trivette Knowles said:“New York is ready for adult-use cannabis sales and is working toward a goal of opening the first sales this year.” Ultimately, an estimated 150 retail licenses were awarded statewide. I plan to

This expectation is consistent with previous statements made by Gov. Kathy Hochul in New York in October. “By the end of this year, the first 20 clinics will be open,” he said. “And every month or so, and he 20 more times. It works and it will be successful.”

According to recent reports, New York More than $750 million worth of cannabis harvested and stockpiledbut without a licensed pharmacy to sell them, it’s going nowhere.

According to Melanie Dobson, CEO of New York-based Hudson Cannabis Farms, they were waiting for OCM to approve their license approval. has been told many times that it will open,” Dobson said. bloomberg“We’re ready for it because we acted like it was our only proof.”

As cannabis begins to age, it begins to lose quality as well as color. “Old cannabis starts to have a brownish sheen” Dobson explainedHudson Cannabis operations allow cannabis to be stored for approximately 12 months to prevent deterioration, while other farms may not be able to store cannabis for long periods of time before it is no longer usable.

Recently, a judge issued a temporary injunction barring New York regulators from issuing retail licenses in five regions of the state. The injunction could extend to other parts of New York, according to a statement from David C. Holland, a partner at law firm Prince Lobel. “This could have wide-ranging ramifications statewide, as the same state-specific contact and conviction requirements were imposed on the 14 areas of New York designated to host CAURD clinics, and other We cannot apply for a conditional license because of the state’s efforts to protect and promote the emerging cannabis industry,” Holland said.

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