On SNL Monologue, Super Bowl Winner Travis Kelce Praises Pot

On SNL Monologue, Super Bowl Winner Travis Kelce Praises Pot

Smoking marijuana may get you suspended from your team, but you can win two Super Bowls. saturday night live (SNL) Sunday evening.

Kelsey won his second Super Bowl title 34th Player Host SNL, join athletes like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Ronda Rousey, ESPN reportThe Kelce family attended a taping of SNL At Studio 8H in Manhattan.

Philadelphia Eagles Center and Kelce’s brother Jason participated in one of SNL’s skits.brother is One of the top topics of Super Bowl Week Considering they had to play against each other in Glendale, Arizona. I finished the game with it. 38-35 nail biter.

“Jason and I have played soccer together since we were little, and he was always better than me,” Kelce said in a soliloquy. I got kicked out of the team because I failed, and English too, but French is so much better, and when we were in college, I actually got kicked out of the team because I tested positive for marijuana. So it shows that you can win two Super Bowls if you smoke marijuana and do badly in school.”

Kelce said his mother drove him and his brother home after Super Bowl VII. led to an uncomfortable ride.

Kelce has smoked cannabis since college. In 2010, Kelsey was suspended from playing for the University of Cincinnati Bearcats for a year after testing positive for THC. . Saidas reported by Kansas City Star. He had just “quit football” because of the ordeal, but the incident doesn’t seem to have affected his views on cannabis.

Luckily, Kelce never lost his way to the Super Bowl and continued to play despite the setback of missing a year. Inquirer reported in 2021 Bearcats turned Kelce into a tight endThe rest is history.

pot and NFL

Talked to dozens of former National Football League (NFL) players high times The list goes on for pot advantages like Ricky Williams, Eben Britton, Kyle Turley and Jake Plummer. Many of them invest in cannabis brands.

Things are slowly changing when it comes to cannabis in the NFL. Starting April 18, 2021, NFL players will no longer be required to emphasize testing positive for cannabis on the league’s random drug test.

It’s a new era for the NFL, thanks to a new collective bargaining agreement that was negotiated last year and established the league’s new drug policy.

In a February 1 press release, the NFL said, $1 million to two different researchers and University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and University of Regina (UR) Canada. Both research groups will focus on how cannabinoids can help manage pain in general, with several other targeted studies as well.

Players like the Kelce brothers don’t have to worry too much about a positive pot test these days.

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