Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf Pardons Over 2,500, Nearly 400 for Nonviolent Cannabis Offenses

Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf Pardons Over 2,500, Nearly 400 for Nonviolent Cannabis Offenses

Many Pennsylvanians who commit nonviolent cannabis crimes are given a second chance.

on January 12th Presentation, Governor Tom Wolfe granted 369 more pardons, bringing the total to 2,540. About 400 of these pardons were offered under expedited review processes for non-violent cannabis-related crimes.

“I take this process very seriously, and I have reviewed and carefully considered all of these 2,540 pardons and the life impact they will have on each and every Pennsylvanian who goes through this process. deserves a second chance, and I’m honored to give it,” said Gov. Wolfe.

“Records can impede positive movement in a person’s life, causing a recurring cycle of defeat. I firmly believe that I can prove myself by doing.”

The 2,540 pardons are the most pardons granted by a governor in Pennsylvania history. Before Gov. Wolfe, Gov. Ed Rendell held the record for 1,122 pardons.

Of Gov. Wolfe’s pardons, 395 were part of expedited review processes for non-violent cannabis-related crimes, and 232 were PA Marijuana Amnesty Project.

In 2019, the Pardons Commission introduced an expedited review program for nonviolent marijuana-related offenses, and Lt. Gov. Approved a program to speed up the pardon application process.

The PA Marijuana Pardon Project is a one-time, large-scale pardon project for people convicted of selected minor, non-violent cannabis crimes. The project, led by Gov. Wolfe and former Lieutenant Gov. Fetterman, will be announced on Sept. 1, 2022 and will provide a faster method for the process.

“Given that most of us don’t even think this shouldn’t be illegal, old non-violent weed is being turned down from jobs, housing and volunteering at our children’s schools. You shouldn’t,” Fetterman said. Said At the time. Fetterman has been a U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania since taking office on January 3.

Legally, a pardon constitutes a full pardon of the conviction by the state, regardless of whether the sentence included imprisonment, and allows for the expungement of the associated criminal record. Amnesty applications for individuals seeking amnesty are free of charge, and this change was made during the Wolf administration. I’m here. The application download online And this process does not require a lawyer.

Ah report An analysis of 10-year pardon data released by the Economic Federation of Greater Philadelphia in 2020 found that pardons contributed $16.5 million to Pennsylvania’s economy over the past decade “at no cost to anyone.” understood.

The governor has been a consistent advocate for cannabis over the past several years, since recently dabbling in cannabis. On his Twitter in 2021, Governor Tom Wolf reiterated his call to end the pot ban in Pennsylvania. Wolf’s melody change. who said in 2017 Pennsylvania wasn’t ready to legalize recreational cannabis use.Two of Pennsylvania’s neighbors, New Jersey and New York, have pushed the states to adopt their own cannabis markets. .

Governor Wolf has served two terms in a leadership role.Governor’s Pennsylvania Priorities Spurring Pennsylvania’s economic recovery, the recent pardon has helped further improve his image.

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