Second Legal Dispensary Set To Open in NYC

Second Legal Dispensary Set To Open in NYC

Home to the Empire State’s first and only legal recreational cannabis dispensary, New York City will soon give way to a second location.

Gothamist’s Report A new pot dispensary called “Smacked” will open this month in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, after a local community board “unanimously voted” last Wednesday.

The clinic has a “soft launch” planned for press on Wednesday, January 18, and is expected to open to the public later in the week. according to Gothamist.

New York regulators approved 36 recreational marijuana dispensary licenses in November.

These first three dozen licenses were issued under state governments. “Seeding Opportunity Initiative” “New York’s first legal adult retailer will be operated by a nonprofit organization that provides services, including assistance, to those most affected by the enforcement of the cannabis ban, or those who were previously incarcerated. is guaranteed.

Announced last year, the initiative designates the first-ever adult cannabis retail license for individuals with a cannabis criminal record, or family members of such convicted individuals.

However, despite the approval of these license holders, there is currently only one state-licensed recreational cannabis retailer operating in New York.

Located in Manhattan’s East Village and owned by Housing Works, a non-profit organization serving individuals living with HIV and AIDS, the store opened December 29.

“The sale of the first legal adult-use cannabis is a historic milestone in New York’s cannabis industry,” said New York Governor Kathy Hochul. Said In a statement on opening day. “Today is just the beginning, and I look forward to continuing our efforts to solidify New York as a national model for the safe, equitable, and inclusive industry we are building today.”

Cannabis Control Board Tremaine Wright, chairman of the state’s cannabis control board, said the opening of the Housing Works-owned store was “a truly historic day in the history of New York State.”

“For years, we have fought not only for New York to legalize cannabis, but to ensure that this cannabis market is driven and led by social equity. has its first retail sale of cannabis today, and we are on track to meet that goal and deliver on our commitment to all New Yorkers. I cannot thank the other members, or the staff of the Cannabis Control Agency enough, for their continued work in meeting these goals,” Wright said in a statement at the time.

The store opening helped ensure that Democratic Party member Ho-chul can deliver on her promise to have an adult-use cannabis market up and running by the end of 2022.

“By the end of this year, we will have the first 20 clinics open,” Hochul said in October. “And then every month or so, 20 more times. So I’m not going to just cram it in there. It will work and it will succeed.”

Of the 36 licenses awarded by the state, 13 have been awarded to companies based in five New York City boroughs (three in the Bronx, four in Queens, four in Manhattan and two in Staten Island) .

per NYa lawsuit filed by a company challenging the state’s requirement that an applicant commit a marijuana-related offense in New York in order to qualify for a license temporarily suspends licenses granted to Brooklyn companies. is blocked by

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