Psilocybin Research Approved in Arizona Appropriations Act Budget

Psilocybin Research Approved in Arizona Appropriations Act Budget

Arizona Senators voted to approve general appropriation law On May 10th, the appropriations bill for 2023-24 is included. Funding Proposals from the Governor’s OfficeThis includes Alzheimer’s research ($4.1 million), the Newborn Screening Program ($12 million), and the Arizona Nurses Education Investment Pilot Program ($15 million), all of which are allocated to: $5 million was also included. Psilocybin research.

medical bills, SB-1726/HB-2816, which also recently received public hearings on May 10, said its $5 million research funding for “all-mushroom psilocybin could be approved by 42 U.S. governments, Phase I, Phase II, and research grants for 41 Phase 3 clinical trials. The bill lists a number of medical conditions, including PTSD, long-term COVID-19 symptoms, depression, anxiety disorders and nine others.

If passed, the Department of Health Services will be instructed to begin submitting applications for the study, which will be granted by February 1 each year. The ministry will be limited to spending up to 2% of its funding on psilocybin grant research each fiscal year.

The study will specifically include “veterans, first responders, frontline health workers…and people in underserved communities.”

It also includes protections for both grantees and employees involved in research, stating that “they may or may not be prosecuted for possession of psilocybin while working on clinical trials.”

The Psilocybin Research Advisory Board will be charged with administering a program that “makes recommendations to the Governor, the Speaker of the House, the Speaker of the Senate, and the Department of Adjuvant Psychedelic Therapy based on current federal and state research policy.” The organization holds a federal license for psychedelic research and is made up of several key individuals, including members with medical licenses, veterans, Arizona law enforcement officers, and professors or researchers specializing in psychedelic research. It will be.

On February 13, lawmakers unanimously passed the bill. Different psilocybin research bills The House Armed Services and Public Safety Committee would have awarded a $30 million grant to a psilocybin researcher. “Today, HB 2486 (Clinical Research, Psilocybin, Grants, Spending) passed the MAPS Committee by a 15-0 unanimous vote. Thank you to all of our brave bipartisan members of Congress. @KevinPayne4AZ @TJShopeforAZ @JenLongdon @TraversforAZ,” Said Dr. Sue Sisleybest known for its research work on cannabis and psychedelics. HB-2486 As of this writing, it has not received any further discussion.

While cannabis research continues to grow, so too has the number of psilocybin research activities. In February, officials in Ferndale, Michigan, voted in favor of decriminalizing not only mushrooms but also other hallucinogenic substances such as DMT and ayahuasca, and Utah officials introduced a psilocybin bill. In March, the Nevada legislature introduced a psilocybin and MDMA research bill, and the Missouri House of Representatives approved a psilocybin research bill.

On May 10, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed into law a bill that he signed with partial veto power over certain sections but created a pilot program for psilocybin therapy. On the same day, the Connecticut House of Representatives approved a bill to decriminalize psilocybin.

Oregon is the most advanced in terms of progress. Earlier this month, Oregon granted its first license for psilocybin service centers after the rule was finalized in January. “This is a historic moment as psilocybin services will soon be available in Oregon, and as we prepare to open the doors of our service centers, we are committed to the safety and security of our customers,” said Angie Alby, Oregon Psilocybin Services Section Manager. We appreciate the strong commitment to access.”

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