Nate Diaz Denied Pot Exemption for Drug Test Ahead of Jake Paul Fight

Nate Diaz Denied Pot Exemption for Drug Test Ahead of Jake Paul Fight

Nate Diaz and Jake Paul will face off in the boxing ring at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on August 5th. Showtime’s eight-round pay-per-view (PPV) event will mark Diaz’s professional boxing debut after an illustrious career in mixed martial arts (MMA) as a UFC fighter.

Diaz’s application for a waiver from the Texas Department of Licensing Regulation (TDLR) was denied. TDLR has Zero-tolerance policy for cannabis useHowever, Diaz’s manager, Zach Rosenfield, requested a waiver.

First reported by MMA Fighting, the question arose as to whether the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), an organization that provides anti-doping practices and programs in boxing and mixed martial arts, could replace TLDR. rice field. A TDLR spokesperson told mixed martial arts boss Steven Marocco: The same rule applies to Diaz Like everyone else in the martial arts world.

It looks like Diaz will continue to be tested for THC for the time being.

“We will work with VADA on pre-fight testing and will comply with all VADA rules as well as the rules and regulations set by the TDLR.” Real Fight Co., Ltd. Zach Rosenfield, president and director of Diaz, said: high times.

Many professional athletes know what can and cannot be avoided when it comes to cannabis drug testing and timing. “We’re going to do a test,” Diaz told reporters. Press conference, refers to a drug test sample. “There are a lot of weeds [my system]. There is “

Diaz mocked Paul on Twitter, but the former YouTuber hit back. “Nathan, are you talking to me?” Paul SaidDiaz’s reply Tweet. “We haven’t forgotten that you tested positive for steroids. Let’s see, the VADA are coming to Stockton to beat you up.”

Had it been a UFC fight, this request might have had a different outcome. The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has adopted guidelines in 2021 that will not penalize UFC fighters if they detect THC in a drug test.

In addition to mandatory drug testing from the TDLR, Diaz and Paul will likely provide samples to VADA before and after the boxing match in Dallas.

At least when it comes to Paul’s boxing career, it’s all at stake. A surprise knockout by Tommy ‘The Truth’ Fury in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia on 26 February cost bettors a lot of money. With this, Paul now has a 6-1 record in the boxing ring, defeating Ann Esongibb, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren and Tyrone Woodley twice.

Paul is drug tested More than once Ever since YouTube star (with brother Logan) turned boxing. Paul didn’t like a question asked by a reporter during his pre-match interview with Diaz. suggested he was not destined for the Hall of Fame.

“Look, I’ve done more for the sport than any boxer in the history of the sport,” Paul said. “What did Floyd Mayweather bring to women’s boxing? The list goes on. Launched pay-per-views: Ryan Garcia-Gerbonta “Tank” Davis, 800,000 pay-per-views. Me vs Tommy, 830,000. So you want to talk about Hall of Famers? Want to talk about your resume? Yes, it’s being assembled, buddy. I just started playing this game. This will be my eighth fight and I will be fighting one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, Nate Diaz. Yes, that’s my resume. ”

Diaz and brother Nick have been vocal about cannabis reform for years.they finally started Game Up® Nutritionis a plant-based wellness company offering products enriched with cannabinoids, adaptogens and superfoods.

Over a decade ago, Nick said, los angeles times How he cleansed before a drug test. This was on the heels of a technical knockout (TKO) victory. Frank Shamrock Dating back to 2009, he’s also an outspoken cannabis advocate.

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