Researchers Aim To Combine Psilocybin and Cannabis Into Single Medical Treatment

Researchers Aim To Combine Psilocybin and Cannabis Into Single Medical Treatment

A company called CaaMTech was the first to receive a patent in support of this research in 2021. Article published Wednesday on website Greenstate The company says it is “developing medicines for mental health conditions such as depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder” and is currently “researching the therapeutic value of psilocybin in combination with cannabinoids.”

“Through research, CaaMTech has isolated derivatives of psilocybin, cannabinoids and terpenes,” explained Greenstate.

In the 2021 patent announcement, CaaMTech’s Founder and CEO Dr. Andrew Chadain said the company’s “goal from day one has been to bring CaaMTech’s scientific innovations to the forefront of our company as much as possible when developing the next generation of psychedelic drugs.” It was to incorporate it into our intellectual property portfolio.”

“The granting of our first patent application has energized a team that has been working diligently to reach the finish line for the past four years,” says Chadeayne. Said in the announcement. “Hundreds of claims are still being prosecuted, but this is a great start.”

“Strong patent protection and basic research give our medicines the foundational support they need to move through clinical trials and into FDA-approved medicines,” he added. “Compositions and Methods Comprising Psilocybin Derivatives” covers (among other subjects) the synergistic modulatory effects of cannabinoids on serotonin receptor activation when co-administered with serotonin agonists. , CaaMTech showed that cannabinoids act synergistically with the psychedelic tryptamine to produce effects that CaaMTech was once declared of ‘unknown medical value’ by the U.S. federal government. We have demonstrated that two drugs have the potential to treat some of the world’s toughest mental health problems.”

The announcement said, “Notice of benefits.” [from the the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)] This is a watershed moment for CaaMTech’s Intellectual Property Division, which has filed over 100 additional patents since its filing in 2017. ”

“The final hurdle for examination before a patent is issued is the patent,” the announcement said.

Since its patent was granted in 2021, Greenstate reports, “CaaMTech has, among other things, shared discoveries related to 4-PrO-DMT as a novel synthetic substitute for psilocybin.”

“Another effort may complement this research, such as the SABI Minds research study, which covers a myriad of topics, such as the popular acceptance or disregard for synthetic substitutes for compounds like psilocybin. The measures will create broader lanes of access for patients seeking credible, science-based psychedelic therapies alongside policy action.” the outlet reported.

Compound development is not easy. As MJBizDaily explained, there are “significant obstacles to creating combo complexes”.

“Cannabinoids and psychedelics act on different receptors in the brain. Cannabinoids such as THC primarily bind to CB1 cannabinoid receptors. CBC primarily binds to CB2 receptors. to the 5-HT2A serotonin receptor,” the paper reported.

“But research has shown that when the cannabinoid CBD can bind to serotonin, and serotonin binds to the CB2 cannabinoid receptor, the resulting combination can do what neither receptor alone can… The medical cannabis community is getting more and more excited with the development of combo compounds, for example combining cannabis and psychedelics has been found to significantly shrink breast cancer tumors.”

Based in Issaquah, Washington, CaaMTech bills itself as “a leading edge drug discovery and lead optimization company focused on developing psychedelic drugs that meet the standards of modern medicine.”

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