Robot Lawyer Aims To Make Legal Representation Affordable

Robot Lawyer Aims To Make Legal Representation Affordable

A new app aims to democratize the legal profession through the power of artificial intelligence. Human lawyers tend to be very expensive, but robot lawyers turned out to be inexpensive.

The app, called “DoNotPay,” is touted as “the world’s first robot lawyer.”

“Artificial intelligence can be used to help consumers fight big corporations and solve problems like defeating parking tickets, suing bank fees, and suing robocalls.” According to the app site.

Here’s how it works: Via CBS News: “AI creation runs on a smartphone, listens to the court’s arguments and creates the defendant’s answer” and “AI lawyer tells the defendant what to say in real time via headphones”.

According to CBS News, The app is “the first of its kind to help defendants fight traffic tickets in court next month,” and the company behind the app says it’s using “AI-generated form letters and chatbots.” We are using it to help people secure their refunds.” In addition to the inflight Wi-Fi that didn’t work, there were other issues such as lower bills and disputed parking tickets. ”

The “DoNotPay” app is another example of “generative artificial intelligence” technology that can generate text and other forms of content in response to human commands.

Generative AI has received considerable attention from investors since the release last month of ChatGPT, a chatbot from San Francisco-based lab OpenAI that caused a sensation with its music and stories.

new york times report More than 1 million people are using ‘ChatGPT’ last week, revealing OpenAI is ‘in negotiations to complete a deal worth nearly $29 billion, more than double its 2021 valuation’ became.

CBS News reported DoNotPay says it has raised $27.7 million from tech-focused venture capital firms, including Andreessen Horowitz and Crew Capital.

Joshua Browder, CEO of DoNotPay, said, “AI technology has really advanced in the last year, allowing us to interact with businesses and governments in real time. told CBS News“We talked live [with companies and customer service reps] Lower bills with businesses. Next month, we will try to use the technology in court for the first time. ”

Many alarm bells are ringing due to the spread of artificial intelligence. As Politico points out In this week’s article on DoNotPay, “The release of increasingly sophisticated AI tools raises questions about everything from high school plagiarism to the very nature of being human.”

Many people find chatbots fun, but robot lawyers may be creepy for some.

It may also be illegal in many jurisdictions.

“Some courts allow defendants to wear hearing aids, some versions of which are Bluetooth enabled. am.” CBS News reported“But the technology is not legal in most courts. Eliminated. Of the 300 cases DoNotPay considered to bring robot lawyers to justice, only two were viable.”

the browser said CBS It’s “within the law, but I don’t think anyone could have imagined this would happen.”

“This is not in the spirit of the law, but we are trying to move things forward, but many people cannot afford legal assistance. Courts will be encouraged to change the rules,” Browder said.

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