Senate Committee Approves Bill Allowing VA To Recommend Pot to Veterans in Legal States

Senate Committee Approves Bill Allowing VA To Recommend Pot to Veterans in Legal States

Senate Appropriations Committee approved the spending bill This includes amendments to allow U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) physicians to recommend medical marijuana to patients in legal states. It will now proceed as part of the approved legislation to fund the VA in fiscal year 2024.

The amendment was passed by voice vote and was sponsored by Democratic Senator Jeff Markley of Oregon. The bill received bipartisan support from Rep. Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat from Oregon, and Brian Mast, a Republican from Florida who lost both legs while serving in the military in Afghanistan. would have the same result desired in the stand-alone bill reintroduced in . They collectively serve as co-chairs of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus.

more recent measures The bill, which was just passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee, would allow “in states with medical marijuana programs, if a veteran decides to participate, veteran physicians can talk to veteran patients about the pros and cons of medical marijuana and It just states that it can fill out forms “in programs in countries that require such paperwork,” Markley said.

This amendment would have the same result as the Veterans Equal Access Act, but it would get bipartisan support (not to mention veterans) to pass through the commission and be passed repeatedly on the floor. Although obtained, it has not yet been enforced.

In December 2022, a coalition of more than 20 veterans service organizations (VSOs) wrote a letter to congressional leaders urging lawmakers to pass the cannabis and veterans research bill before the last legislative session. .

“For decades, many veterans have sought medical cannabis as an option to treat the invisible wounds of war and other injuries sustained during military service,” the letter reads. ing. “Veterans and caregivers share anecdotal experiences of how cannabis offers effective therapeutics in addressing the most pressing health concerns they face upon returning from war. Given what veterans say about this country, and that Americans now say cannabis is safer than alcohol and tobacco, it is more than justified. Thing.

No such bill was passed in time. But thanks to the approval of the latest spending bill, veterinarians can now consult their doctors about medical cannabis. Research continues to show the valuable role cannabis can play in treating PTSD, depression, anxiety, and many other conditions that are unfortunately all too familiar among veterinarians.

A study was published in a journal late last year. neuropharmacology Researchers at Wayne State University have shown evidence that low doses of THC can help treat adults with PTSD. Although there have been many previous studies on cannabis and trauma, this was the first to investigate how THC affects corticocerebral activation.

Additionally, for veterinarians with injuries and chronic pain, cannabis offers a safer, less harmful means of treating such pain, encouraging many veterinarians to stop using opiates. Make it possible.

“We remain committed to the VA’s goal of conducting research into the effectiveness of medical cannabis as a treatment for veterans with chronic pain, PTSD and traumatic brain injury.” continues the letter. “However, the schedule [Food and Drug Administration], research into the efficacy of cannabis is stagnant, cumbersome, cumbersome and cumbersome. Federal cannabis research faces many bureaucratic hurdles that hinder researchers. ”

In related news, Iowa Republican Rep. Marianette Miller-Meeks introduced another bill in May that would promote research within the VA to treat conditions like PTSD and chronic pain. , which is just one of many bills currently passing through Congress. .

In April, a bipartisan House of Representatives and Senate also reintroduced a bill to legalize medical marijuana for veterans. If enacted into law, veterans would legally possess and use marijuana on a federal level (but subject to state law) as recommended by a doctor.

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