Snoop Dogg Unveils Death Row Cannabis

Snoop Dogg Unveils Death Row Cannabis

Snoop Dogg today death row records—The legendary West Coast hip-hop platform featuring artists like Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur, Nate Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound is joining the cannabis game. death row marijuana.

What types of strains can I expect? Death Row Cannabis will initially launch OG strains such as Runtz, Strawberry Gary and Tropicana Cookies. The first drop comes in a limited edition commemorative metallic his bag featuring the iconic hooded prisoner figure sitting in the electric chair in front.

Specially designed for Death Row Cannabis drops, new The prisoner rendering was designed for the launch of the cannabis brand. The main difference between the new image and the old image is that in the new image he has a broken hand and is smoking a fat dooby.

To make this drop, and with competition in mind, Snoop Dogg set his sights on one of the top cultivators around.

Who grows cannabis for death row prisoners?

Curating Death Row Cannabis is a one-of-a-kind, powerful AK “handpicked by Snoop himself”. AK, with his former partner Wizard Trees, is best known for his role in the germination, selection and cultivation of strains such as RS11 (aka Rainbow Sherbert #11), Studio 54 and his Shirazi at breeder DEO Farms. is known. (High Times vice president of content Jon Cappetta introduced premium cannabis grown by Wizard Trees last August.)

AK is also behind the IYKYK brand SMKRSMore He is also the esteemed Vice President of Cultivation for TRP LLC, the company that owns most of the cookie stores nationwide, including facilities in Florida. It has built a reputation for its tricks.

Death Row Cannabis will be available first on Monday, January 2, 2023 at select Cookies California stores in Brentwood, San Bernardino and San Diego, California, followed by other locations and other states. It’s a schedule.

follow death row records When death row marijuana Check out Instagram for more details on the first drop. The account posted an animation of the Death Row Records logo, revealing the brand’s pre-roll tube.The teaser video is produced by the artist. GUAP On the Kevin Gilliam soundtrack dj battle cat.

Snoop Dogg and Death Row

Under its recent leadership after Snoop’s acquisition of the label, Death Row Records has taken a dive in favor of cannabis. I admired Herb. chronic When The Chronic 2001, or just about any Snoop Dogg record. (However, Snoop’s acquisition not necessarily all-inclusive A familiar album. )

In his heyday, the Death Row Records artist seemed larger than life. defined an era— Including the West Coast G funk sound It was often imitated but not duplicated.

“For over 30 years, through countless chart-topping hits and groundbreaking artists, death row records has established itself as one of the music industry’s most iconic and culturally significant platforms,” ​​the label said in a statement. “Today it is under strong new management. Recently acquired and under the leadership of Snoop Dogg and his family, the infamous music empire has revived as a multi-category cultural platform spanning music, entertainment and cannabis, All connected by blockchain for a new generation.”

Snoop Dogg ahead of Death Row Cannabis announcement Acquired Death Row Records “It feels good to own the label I was on early in my career,” Snoop Dogg said at the time. It represents Snoop Dogg’s next move on the new platform.

Stay tuned for more drops from Death Row Cannabis.

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