Connecticut Governor Selects Chairman of Social Equity Council

Connecticut Governor Selects Chairman of Social Equity Council

Connecticut’s Adult Use Act includes provisions to ensure fairness in the industry, and the state’s Social Equity Council now has a new chair.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced On December 27, he announced the appointment of Paul O. Robertson, Deputy Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), as chairman of the state. Social Equity Council.

The Social Equity Council ensures that Connecticut’s adult cannabis programs are fairly represented and that funds from adult cannabis programs are directed to appropriate communities disproportionately hit hardest by the war on drugs. We aim to ensure delivery. code of ethicsRobertson’s new role will begin when seats become available early next year.

“Connecticut’s adult cannabis program is at a pivotal moment right now, and we need social equity to ensure that it is deployed in the equitable way we envisioned it when we enacted this law. We appreciate the actions that the Council has taken so far,” said Gov. Lamont. “Paul brings his relevant experience and existing strong relationships with Council members to his role as Chair. Thank you for agreeing to assume this leadership position.”

Deputy Commissioner Robertson will serve as Chair of the Social Equity Council, succeeding Andrea Cummer, Deputy Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP).

Vice-Chairman Comer will step down from his work at the DCP and from its Council membership to assume a new role as chief of staff to Treasurer-elect Eric Russell. That new role will be fulfilled when she takes her oath of office on January 4, 2023. State law requires the governor to elect one of her council members as the new chairman.

“I thank Governor Lamont for entrusting me with this important role and look forward to serving the state in this new capacity,” said Deputy Commissioner Robertson. I have done an excellent job of leading the agency to this point, and I will continue to work with its members and partner agencies to ensure that the adult cannabis market grows equitably.”

Purpose of the Social Equity Council

Cannabis law enforcement has disproportionately targeted certain communities, minority ownership of cannabis remains low, and many states have adopted social equity clauses in an effort to resolve some lingering issues. doing.

In Connecticut, state census districts identify: Areas affected by disequilibrium To promote and encourage full participation in the cannabis industry by people in communities unfairly harmed by cannabis prohibition. The recommended tract is Connecticut Open Data Portal.

To qualify as disproportionately affected areas, these communities must have a past conviction rate for drug-related crimes greater than one in ten, as determined annually by the Social Equity Council, or an unemployment rate. should be greater than 10%.

Council provides all its credentials CouncilorThe council states that under Connecticut’s adult-use marijuana law, Public Law 21-1consists of 15 members, of whom 7 are appointed by legislators, 4 are appointed by the governor, and 4 are ex-officio members.

Other efforts are being made to right yesterday’s wrongs, including expunging thousands of records involving cannabis-related convictions. said in a press release That record will be “completely or partially cleared” in about 44,000 cases next month by “automatic clearing methods.”

Connecticut’s Adult Use Act includes provisions to award initial retail licenses to individuals in areas most adversely affected by long-running drug policies and to clear the records of those convicted of certain cannabis-related convictions. It was

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