Stephen Marley Launches Hemp Personal Care Products

Stephen Marley Launches Hemp Personal Care Products

Grammy-winning artist Stephen Marley announced on Monday Kx Family CareA plant-based CBD personal care line that harnesses the power of hemp and other herbs traditionally used in Jamaica.

The debut collection includes a limited-edition holiday bundle containing two products: Multipurpose Hair and Beard Oil and Pain Relief Balm. Hair & Beard Oil and Pain Relief Balms contain full-spectrum CBD oil used for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

Both products contain sunflower oil, vitamin E, and linoleic acid, which are antioxidants that help protect skin from free radicals and maintain its natural barrier. It also contains black seed oil, mangosteen extract and soursop, widely used in Jamaican culture for their properties.

For example, Jamaican black seed oil contains fennel (Nigella sativa), rich in antioxidants, some other health benefits.

“Kx Family Care was a natural progression for me because of my love for the hemp plant and its many uses.” Said Stephen Marley, founder of Kx Family Care. “The brand is authentic in every way, from the natural infusion of Jamaican botanicals into their products to the eco-friendly wood and glass packaging. Respect for such uses is what we are all about.”

Kx Family Care is the multigenerational personal care product division of Kaya Lifestyle, owned and operated by Marley. Kaya Lifestyle also produces Kaya Fest, a musical and educational hemp awareness festival.

Marley joins co-founder and CEO Sherry O’Neill in spending three years researching and developing plant-based multi-purpose products designed for busy households. Marley views cannabis like any other useful herb. “Cannabis, like mint and sage, is an herb that not only cures many ailments, but also brings spiritual enlightenment,” says Marley. Said culture magazine 2018.

The idea for Kx Family Care came about when O-Neill and Marley were working together at Kaya Fest. Kaya Fest is Marley’s world music festival that supports education on the many uses of the hemp plant. “Kaya” is Jamaican slang for herbscomes from the Caribbean English “kayakiit”, which means a type of herb.

Try Marley’s hemp products for yourself. A Kx Family Care pop-up shop will be available on select dates during Stephen Marley’s upcoming Old Soul Tour – Unplugged 2023.

The Kx Family Care pop-up shop will be available on select dates during Stephen Marley’s upcoming Old Soul Tour – Unplugged 2023.

Founder Stephen Marley said, “We are thrilled to bring you the first all-natural hemp-based personal care brand that is safe and effective for the whole family.” We look forward to giving our guests a personal experience of the Kx Family Care pop-up shop on the day of.”

The company points out that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require basic safety testing of ingredients in personal care products. They are usually full of toxic ingredients that are not good for your skin or hair.

The company also supports environmental initiatives in its packaging.

“Kx Family Care uses eco-friendly materials and hemp-based plastics wherever possible to showcase additional uses for the hemp plant and most importantly reduce plastic waste,” the website says. “We capture the spirit of Jamaica, known as the land of ‘wood and water’, by using biodegradable wood and glass in our packaging. Kx is also spreading the love by choosing another charity to donate a portion of its sales to each quarter. ”

Some of Marley’s brothers and family members have launched CBD or cannabis businesses. Ziggy and Damian.

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