Study: Medical MJ Improves Quality of Life, Reduces Opioid Use in Chronic Pain Patients

Study: Medical MJ Improves Quality of Life, Reduces Opioid Use in Chronic Pain Patients

Many cannabis advocates and consumers are already well aware of the many benefits of this plant. Expert Reviews of Neurotherapeutic Agentschronic pain patients who used cannabis products for six months reported not only reduced daily opioid consumption, but also improved health-related quality of life.

The study evaluated over 700 chronic pain patients enrolled in the UK Medical Cannabis Registry who were treated with plant-based cannabis products such as oil, flower or a combination of both. All patients were allowed access to cannabis products with physician approval.

The introduction states, “Despite the mounting body of relevant evidence, [cannabis-based medicinal products] As a viable chronic pain treatment, results are heterogeneous and vary based on type. [cannabis-based medicinal product] Dosing, Type of Chronic Pain Evaluated, and Study Duration.

They said more research is needed on the long-term safety of cannabis-based medicinal products (CBMPs) and factors such as route of administration, age, body mass index, and the impact of previous cannabis exposure on safety. Added.

“As further clinical trials addressing these unknowns await, patient enrollment can be aided by collecting prospective data from patients prescribed CBMP in real-world settings,” the authors continue.

Researchers assessed the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis in participants at 1, 3, and 6 months. Primary outcomes were measured by a number of questionnaires. Specifically, patients were asked to rate their pain, share their pain characteristics and severity, rate their sleep quality, share their anxiety symptom frequency, rate their mobility problems, and assess their quality of care. life has improved or deteriorated since starting

The results are consistent with previous studies, in which the researchers found that treatment with oil-based products, dried flowers, or a combination of both resulted in “statistically significant pain relief” in chronic pain patients six months after treatment. and improved sleep quality”.

“In addition, patients prescribed either the oil or both types of CBMPs had reduced anxiety and improved ability to perform daily activities,” the researchers continued. documented improvements in self-care and mobility.In summary, this evidence indicates that: [the] Initiation of CBMP treatment is associated with improvement [health-related quality of life]”

The authors also noted that patients’ mean opioid doses decreased by a total of 3.28% after 6 months of treatment compared to baseline.

study Consistent with previous research on pot and chronic pain

Going forward, the researchers hope that future studies and clinicians will be able to determine whether these factors influence the degree of health-related quality of life improvement when using cannabis-based medicines, as well as “gender and “We need to consider the effects of previous cannabis use,” he said.

Cannabis use for chronic pain is not uncommon.a study A study published earlier this year found that nearly one in three people with chronic pain use cannabis for relief. The study also states that “most people who used cannabis as a treatment for chronic pain reported using cannabis in place of other pain medications, including prescription opioids.”

The observed reduction in opioid use is also consistent with a collection of previous studies that have associated cannabis access with reduced rates of opioid use and abuse.another Research in 2023including a total of 8,165 chronic pain patients, similarly found that taking medical cannabis for a “longer period” reduced prescription opioid use.

Another study published in 2022 found that the majority of patients, nearly four out of five study participants, “discontinued or reduced their use of pain relievers” after starting a medical cannabis regimen. I know you reported.

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