Supreme Court Review for Florida Rec Cannabis Bill Set in Motion, AG to Challenge

Supreme Court Review for Florida Rec Cannabis Bill Set in Motion, AG to Challenge

It is sponsored by the political committee Smart & Safe Florida. “Personal Use of Marijuana by Adults” Proposalfar exceeded the 222,881 petition signatures required to initiate a compulsory Supreme Court review.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, a Republican, formally submitted the proposal to court on Monday, with the opinion that it does not meet the legal requirements to be on next year’s ballot. The Supreme Court will review the initiative and, among other things, ensure that constitutional amendments are confined to a single subject and contain clear language.

Moody specifically argued that the initiative violated the state constitution’s single subject rule, requiring ballot proposals to focus only on a single, discrete issue. Moody previously made a similar argument for the 2022 legalization measure, which the Supreme Court ultimately ruled out.

“Pursuant to the provisions of Section 4, Section 10 of the Florida Constitution, this court is preoccupied with whether the proposed amendment, “Personal Use of Marijuana by Adults,” complies with the unitary subject requirement of Section 11, Section 3 of the Florida Constitution. Comments are respectfully solicited: Whether the Constitution and ballot title and outline of the proposed amendments comply with the substantive and technical requirements of Florida Statute Section 101.161(1), Moody’s New Court Submission To read. “We believe the proposed amendments do not meet the requirements of Florida Statute Section 101.161(1) and will conduct additional discussion through briefings at an appropriate time.”

Activists countered in a statement shared Tuesday, thanking Moody’s for sending it to the Supreme Court, but “respecting her statement that she believed she was not complying.” I do not agree,” he said.

“We are very much looking forward to her analysis, but more importantly both the written and oral arguments in the Florida Supreme Court and the positive judgment from that court. As an aside. , It is important to note that the Attorney General’s opinion is not binding and that the matter will be decided after both sides have expressed their opinions in the Florida Supreme Court.” statement From the Safe & Smart campaign.

Trulieve spokesperson Steve Vancore also shared the company’s belief that “Voting Languages ​​will follow Florida’s single subject and related laws.” Trulieve is Florida’s largest cannabis producer and has spent more than $38 million to date on efforts to promote adult-use cannabis among the state’s voters.

“Because the majority of American adults now enjoy the freedom to use cannabis for personal consumption, the Court agreed that the Smart & Safe Amendment satisfies Florida’s Ballot Sufficiency Act. , I hope that voters will be able to vote on this important issue,” Vancore said.

Both Supreme Court approval and at least 891,523 valid petition signatures are required for the Safe & Smart Commission to put the bill into the 2024 ballot.According to the State Elections Office websitethe committee had 786,747 signatures as of Tuesday.

Under the initiative, adults over the age of 21 would be permitted to “possess, purchase, and use marijuana products and marijuana accessories for personal, non-medical consumption by smoking, ingesting, or otherwise.” . In addition, the proposal would allow state-licensed medical cannabis businesses (currently 22) to “procure, grow, process, manufacture, sell and distribute such products and accessories.” .

The initiative does not allow residents to grow it at home for personal use. If the initiative takes a vote, it will require approval by 60% of voters to become law, as it is a constitutional amendment.

A poll released in February by the University of North Florida Poll Research Institute (PORL) also found 70% of respondents either “strongly” or “somewhat” support the bill.

“Efforts to bring recreational cannabis to the masses in 2024 are in their early stages, but support for marijuana is high across the political spectrum.” Said Dr. Michael Binder, Dean of PORL and Professor of Political Science. “It’s a big ‘what if’ if it gets on the ballot next year, but it could well reach the 60% super-majority needed to pass.”

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