Tennessee Governor Signs Bill to Regulate Delta-8 THC

Tennessee Governor Signs Bill to Regulate Delta-8 THC

Medical and adult-use cannabis is still illegal in Tennessee, but it’s very easy to find hemp-derived delta-8 THC products marketed as psychotropics, such as Vape Cart and Dove. However, the new bill would regulate Delta 8 THC products intended for adults over the age of 21, along with testing and tax requirements.

House Majority Leader William Lambers (Republican, Portland) and Senator Richard Briggs (Republican, Knoxville) will regulate products containing cannabinoids derived from cannabis, such as Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC, on Jan. 25. submitted the bill. This is the second time such a bill has been submitted.

Gov. Bill Lee (Republican, Tennessee) signed into law a bill regulating Delta8THC products in a manner similar to cannabis products. Senate Bill 0378 and its companion bill in the House House Bill 0403 It would introduce a tax and regulate the cannabinoids obtained from hemp through what some call a synthetic process.

The bill would ensure that Delta-8 THC products and other cannabis-derived products are inspected by the USDA.

Wild cannabis contains trace amounts of delta-8 THC, but in order to get high from the compound, it is possible to get a high by chemically converting CBD or delta-9 THC through a process known as isomerization. Levels of delta-8 THC are artificially produced.” Dale Gillinger of NORML explain.

Often the concern is potentially dangerous residues, which could be avoided if the products were regulated in a similar way to products made with cannabinoids derived from cannabis.

“Delta 8 has never been regulated and what this bill is trying to do is make sure the public and consumers know that the product they are buying is what it says it is and does not contain contaminants. ,” said Senator Briggs. “Not for sale to anyone under the age of 21.”

“We started with the ‘Let’s do nothing’ side, and there are those who say ban it,” Briggs said. “By cooperating, we were able to meet in the middle.”

Brig’s co-sponsor simply wanted the Delta-8 THC product to stay out of reach of minors.

“Delta-8 is a legal substance that can be sold and packaged in the form of candies and gummies, often containing very high levels of THC,” said Rep. Lamberth. “There are no regulations and no legal way for anyone to know exactly what they are buying. Our current laws prohibit children from buying Delta-8. there is nothing.”

New rules for cannabinoids derived from cannabis in Tennessee

The bill would ban the sale of hemp-derived cannabinoid products to people under the age of 21. Products sold in stores are subject to an additional 5% sales tax. It also creates licensing, quality testing, regulatory and enforcement processes through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

The bill would establish regulations to ensure inspection and packaging requirements. Companies are required to undergo third-party inspections and put their products in child-safe packaging.

“Food grade basics,” says co-founder and CEO Devin Aracena. Canvas Supply Co., Ltd., Said WKRN. “We intend to hold these items to the same standards that we want grocery store-packaged food to be held to.”

Some hemp dealers in the state support the new law.

Arasena joined hands plowing tennesseea coalition of companies and professionals promoting cannabis and hemp, will help draft legislation.

Tennessee Rep. GA Hardaway was a proponent of the bill on the House side, Said ABC 24 argues that this is what hemp companies need to do if they want to be taken seriously.

“This gives us an opportunity to approach hemp and CBD oil seriously so that we can step in to start a real discussion.[an] It’s an intellectual discussion about marijuana,” Hardaway said.

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