The Guide to Cannabis for Post-Abortion Pain Relief

The Guide to Cannabis for Post-Abortion Pain Relief

ever since Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization The passage made reproductive rights more restrictive than ever. But especially since people will find a way, especially thanks to the availability of medical abortion (abortion pills), many may wonder: use cannabis for post-abortion pain relief is it safe? Spoiler alert: For people in conservative states, finding access to safe abortion is a safe way to take pills (mifepristone and misoprostol) and safely manage post-abortion pain. It’s much more difficult than finding pain-relieving, high-THC cannabis that can help. Aborted procedure.

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organizationpassed by a 6-3 vote on 24 June 2022, overthrowing both Law vs Wade (1973) and Family planning vs Casey (1992), thus returning the power to regulate abortion laws to the states and removing the national safety net of the right to privacy. In May of the same year, Choice Americans flinched in shock when conservative Justice Alito’s opinion, which correctly foresaw their decision, was leaked (and Choice supporters were stunned to quell panic attacks). reached for cannabis). But to our surprise we were wrong.As the author can attest after delving into decades of research on the issue, the anti-choice crowd has been planning this ever since. egg The bill was first passed in 1973, and frankly, especially during the Obama years, many people were getting lazy and comfortable. Trump, who has no interest in abortion unless it’s to win religious voters, finally manages to win the Supreme Court in favor of anti-choice supporters, and a cunning bill passes before their eyes. After that, it became a cacophony of alarm bells.

As of June 2023, according to new york timesFourteen states, including South Dakota and Texas, now ban most abortions except in rare cases where the mother’s life is at risk. Georgia also bans abortions at about six weeks’ gestation (before most women know they’re pregnant). With other states battling it out in court, more states are likely to ban virtually all abortions, making the 2024 election one that will go down in history. Notice how access to abortion is lacking in areas populated by significant proportions of blacks, indigenous peoples, and other people of color. They are already disappointed with the health system and are disproportionately likely to need abortion care.

However, according to american progressAs of July 2022, 21 states, including California, New York and Washington, D.C., have protection against abortion. As a result, people have to travel out of state or get and take abortion pills by mail.As Planned parenting instructionsMedical abortion usually works by taking two medications. The first, mifepristone, blocks the hormone progesterone, preventing further development of pregnancy. A second pill, misoprostol, is then taken up to 48 hours later, causing cramps and bleeding, and an emptying of the uterus. This process takes 5-24 hours. the current, Over half of US abortions This process resembles menstrual cramps for some, but can be frightening, annoying, and downright excruciating for others. But now the standard pain relievers for medical abortion patients are over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and anyone who has tried these just for cramps or headaches knows their limitations. I know

Cannabis can provide safe and controlled pain and anxiety relief to those taking pills rather than looking for opiates. Most of the research supporting the use of cannabis for pain is limited to medical abortion. “When it comes to surgical abortion, there are very few studies on cannabis use and post-abortion pain,” said medical director Dr. Lewis Jassy. Leafwell,Tell you high times. “When it comes to postoperative pain, cannabis users in general can face it.” more severe pain and nausea Additional medications, such as opioids, may be needed. ”

More research is needed on cannabis use for pain relief after medical abortion, but some studies have shown positive results.a 2020 SurveyIn a study enrolling 51 participants (16 cannabis users, 35 non-cannabis users) at a university-affiliated abortion clinic in Denver, 13 of 16 patients (81%) reported both cannabis use and pain relief. , and 7 (44%) found a correlation between cannabis use and pain relief. ) reduced anxiety, and 6 (38%) had improvement in nausea and vomiting (oh yes, this is also a side effect). They found no significant differences when comparing cannabis users and non-users.

another 2016 survey A study of 384 women in states with legal cannabis found that “a significant proportion of women in states with progressive marijuana policies used marijuana during first-trimester medical abortions. and felt it helped manage pain.”

While these results are encouraging, it should be noted that “these studies focus on pain during abortion, so the benefits of medical cannabis as a post-abortion pain reliever are less clear,” says Jassy. says Dr. “Studies suggest that medical cannabis may help reduce pain, anxiety and nausea after using misoprostol or mifepristone. However, the results of these studies are inconclusive. Instead, more research is needed.”

In this reporter’s experience, when he speaks to people who have had medical abortions, most say the discomfort is much worse than they expected. If you’re confused as to why Motrin and Advil have to get over it, thanks to a Bible verse, Genesis 3:16, that for a long time women were expected to have pain during childbirth. Remember In it Eve is punished for eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Written on the tree is: You will bear children in pain, but your desires will be directed to her husband, and he will rule over you. ” Getting an abortion is hard enough now. It is even more difficult to expect sympathy for pain relief in a highly stigmatized medical practice.

But even though more activity is always needed (don’t forget to vote), if you or your loved one is pregnant and you don’t want or can’t get pregnant, don’t panic. please don’t click here Read more information from Family Planning, call your boyfriend, or visit your local pharmacy on how to safely deliver abortion pills. Even if lawmakers disagree, know that once again Mary Jane has your back. t.

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