The Hasheesh Eater

The Hasheesh Eater

My moods naturally tend to swing toward melancholy, and cannabis edibles can change my perspective more dramatically than smoking or dabbing weed, so I’m not going through my moody days. Some of my favorite foods include iced water hash, aka water hash, and bubble hash. Hash-infused foods feel more potent and have a certain brightness not found in other infusions. I think it’s fun to bend the clock a little bit by waking up with an edible at night. But when it comes to the potency and effectiveness of edibles, I suspect the results are based solely on milligrams of THC. Why would you prefer hashed edibles over edibles made with cannabis flowers or THC distillates? Are 10 mg of THC just 10 mg of THC, regardless of delivery method? Cannabis edibles? There are many personal factors to consider. Little is known about why certain edibles seem to hit harder than others, but there are some solid facts about how THC is absorbed and other chemical constituents of cannabis resin that outweigh THC. You can focus on clues.

hash eater

When it comes to the history of cannabis consumption, food takes the lead over smoking. Although the Greek historian Herodotus records that the ancient nomadic Scythians inhaled cannabis smoke as part of their tented funeral rituals, historians believe that the plant’s psychoactive elements We believe our understanding of the likely occurred upon contact with a sticky, resinous substance. That the flower remained in our hands. Originating from India Charas was the first cannabis concentrate that our ancestors ate before smoking it.

Robert Connell Clark and Mark Merlin, “Before smoking spread from the New World after the 15th century, oral ingestion was the most common way to consume cannabis drugs,” Robert Connell Clark and Mark Merlin. Merlin writes in a book Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany.

of Pots and Pans: The History of Cannabis Eatingauthor Robin Griggs Lawrence wrote, “Atharva VedasHindu scriptures written between 2000 and 1400 BC referred to cannabis as an ingredient in an intoxicating drink called soma. Griggs outlines a cannabis drink that originated in India called bhang, which is made by turning cannabis leaves and flowers into a paste and mixing it with other ingredients such as milk.

Cannabis edibles reached Europe through several different colonial the book cannabis by Jonathon Green, green explains An attempt to expand the French kingdom brought Napoleon to Egypt, where his army discovered cannabis in a concentrated form of hashish.

Hash’s history is obscured as “hash” was used interchangeably with “cannabis”.Many early Gonzo-style drug writers experimented with edible foods made from cannabis flowers rather than cannabis resin, but called the substance they ingested hash. Dr. Jack Joseph Morrow swallowed an edible mixture containing cannabis, writing later in his 1845 book hashish and mental illness The effect caused “a thousand fantastic ideas” to flow through his brain. Morrow believed that cannabis consumption might reveal a cure for mental illness.

“One of the most intensely striking and generally most noted aspects of hashish’s influence is the manic excitement that is always accompanied by an exhilaration and joy unimaginable to those who have never experienced it. That’s it.” Morrow wrote“I saw that there was a means out there to effectively combat the stereotypes of the depressed, to break their chain of ideas, and to keep their attention away from this or that subject.”

Needing more subjects than himself, Moreau partnered with a prominent literary writer in Paris, France, Club de Hachishan. this group Hashish, more specifically dawamesque, is a green paste-infused coffee mixed with cannabis flowers mixed with fat, butter, or oil and other ingredients such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pistachios, sugar, and orange juice. Take regularly. Canthalide is a substance produced by beetles and used as a sexual stimulant by the Spanish fly.

among writers like Charles baud rail Stories of cannabis exploration in Europe surged, and Fitz High Ludlow popularized the use of cannabis in America in his 1857 book. hash eater.

“It was the first American drug book,” cannabis historian Michael Aldrich explained to me over the phone. “It was the first American cannabis book. It was the first American confession. was.”

The book is modeled after the author of Thomas de Quincey. Confessions of a British Opium Eater It then describes Ludlow’s vivid and surreal experience of taking high doses of cannabis.

“[Ludlow] It was kind of patterning it after de Quincey, but when he was flying over Schenectady, or flying over the pyramids anywhere in upstate New York to the Great Wall of China, His story is very different,” says Aldrich. “It’s quite an adventure.”

Ludlow writes about taking “hasheesh” in his book, but he describes taking a specific tincture called Tilden’s extract. had started to use. As mixtures evolved, they often included additional medicinal ingredients other than cannabis.

“[Ludlow] I drank Tilden extract, a very potent extract, but it was in liquid form,” Aldrich says. “I have one cannabis tincture that contains chloroform. When they are coughing or screaming, give them a little of this and silence them immediately.”

In a 1971 article International Journal of Addiction, Oriana Josseau Kalant wrote that the Tilden’s Extract that Ludlow ingested was “about twice as potent as the raw resin and ten times as potent as marijuana.”

Fat for fuel?

Cannabis expert returns to experimenting with modern hash consumption Ellis McDonough She believes the flavor of ice water hash is superior to the botanical flavor of chlorophyll that can come when making edibles with cannabis flowers, as opposed to cannabis resin, so she’s long been I’ve always liked hash edibles. easy to cookshe says. That’s because it’s a homogenous ingredient that spreads THC dosage evenly and can be used like a spice.

Cannabis edibles are stronger and longer lasting than smoking weed due to the way our bodies process them. becomes twice as powerful. But in order to be ingested, the THC in cannabis must first be activated. Raw cannabis flowers contain THCA, the acidic form of THC, to get us high. must be converted to THC by heat. In edibles, this process is called decarboxylation, and it is a step that must take place in both the cannabis flower and hash. Because cannabinoids are fat-soluble, combining them with fats such as butter and oil will increase their bioavailability. New edible innovations encapsulate cannabinoids in coatings that make them water-soluble.

“Perhaps hashish is a drug that ‘looses the digits of the soul,’ but it is neither good nor bad per se. Perhaps, as Baudelaire thinks it exaggerates and distorts the natural human being and the mood of the moment.” I just exist.”
– Aleister Crowley The psychology of hashish

The ability of cannabis to be absorbed by our bodies influences McDonough’s theory as to why certain cannabis foods work more strongly than others with the same milligrams of THC.

“What I’ve long suspected, and my hypothesis, is that you’ll feel much more intense and long-lasting effects when you’re eating foods where the active ingredient is combined with some kind of fat.” What I’ve personally and anecdotally noticed is that eating foods made with canna butter, or foods made with certain types of full-fat extracts, is much more effective than eating gummies or drinking beverages. This is because there is no fat in the beverage or gummies emulsion.”

Cannabis gummies and beverages often contain THC distillate, a type of cannabis concentrate that has already been decarboxylated and contains terpenes and other substances within the plant’s resinous trichomes. It contains only THC, not other chemical elements.

McDonough’s theory of full-fat activation fits into one of my favorite ice-water hash-based edibles. space gem gummiesUnlike other gummies that rely on distillates as active ingredients, Space Gems contain ice water hash combined with fat, coconut oil.

“Ice Water Hash is like the height of a flower condensed,” says Space Gems founder and CEO Wendy Baker Say. “I like the fact that the cannabinoids are kept whole and the trichomes are kept whole. keep them intact.

The fact that cannabinoids in ice water hash also contain other elements present in cannabis resin, such as terpenes, may also influence speculation as to why edibles made with hash appear stronger. .

Whole plant compound

A food’s pharmacokinetic (PK) profile, or the rate at which our body absorbs cannabinoid molecules, depends on the formulation of the product. Cannabis formulation expert James Prendergast has worked with companies like Cannacraft and LEVEL using a variety of infusion methods and input ingredients. He told me that the fat content of a given food affects the start time of the food, as the amount of lipid helps with THC uptake.

“The PK profile helps determine how quickly and how strong the euphoria is felt, like an overall refresh due to availability,” says Prendergast.

Also involved are “whole plant compounds that occur when THC is not fully purified,” he says.

“The effect you get from smoking flowers or using vape, for example, depends a lot on your terpene profile,” says Prendergast. “That’s what determines whether it’s sativa or indica. I don’t think in the past I really had the belief that terpenes were taken up in the stomach. It just seemed a little implausible… Many studies have shown that whole plant extracts like RSO and the like are more effective from a medical point of view.

Prendergast says in his work to create Level edibles, he noticed differences in the effects of cannabis edibles, depending on the product’s terpene profile. Other compounds found in cannabis resin, such as phytochemicals believed to provide the above benefits, may also play a role in the effects of edibles, he says.

Flavonoids and other non-terpenoid, non-cannabinoid compounds can explain why edibles hash. Community Cannabis Ice Water Hash Capsules It’s been keeping me balanced lately — it might especially appeal to my endocannabinoid system.

“Hash has them in it, so it’s really like input material for a whole rounded plant,” Prendergast says.

as shown in scientific research, cannabis is not a single compound product. The entourage effect, or “suggestions of positive contributions made by adding terpenes to cannabinoids,” may explain why hash foods are my favorite. While waiting to be unraveled, I participate in a long history of past drug writer self-experimentation and continue eating cannabis to fuel my creativity and keep the blues at bay.

With two decades of dedicated experience, Nuggs is a seasoned cannabis writer and grower. His journey has been a harmonious blend of nurturing cannabis from seed to harvest and crafting insightful content. A true expert, they've honed strain-specific knowledge, cultivation techniques, and industry insights. His passion shines through enlightening articles and thriving gardens, making them a respected figure in both the growing and writing facets of the cannabis world.

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