Trump Urges ‘Very Quick Trial’ and Death Penalty for Drug Dealers

Trump Urges ‘Very Quick Trial’ and Death Penalty for Drug Dealers

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday gave a clue to his vision of the possibility of returning to the Oval Office, saying in a Washington, DC speech that the country would be more vulnerable to crime and would need to be sentenced to death. In front of the America First Policy Institute, a conservative nonprofit organization, Mr. Trump said drug traffickers should be sentenced to death after a “very speedy trial.”

“Penalties must be very strict,” Trump said in a speech Tuesday. As the hill quoted.. “Looking at countries around the world, drug-free countries are the ones that sentence drug dealers to death very quickly.”

Mr. Trump added that the United States would not face problems related to illegal drugs if authorities were more strict about crime. He praised other countries that have speedy trials for suspicious drug dealers.

“It’s terrible to say, but look at every country in the world where drugs aren’t a problem. They impose a very strong death penalty on those who sell drugs,” he said.

“Terrible. But what do you know? That’s okay. It doesn’t take 15 years in court. It goes on quickly and you absolutely — execute the drug dealer, 500 It will save people’s lives, “continued the former president.

At some point in his speech, Mr. Trump praised Chinese President Xi Jinping’s approach to dealing with drug traffickers and presumed that Xi Jinping was convicted in “two hours” of a “speedy trial” of drug offenders in China. I remembered when I did.

Mr. Trump’s attendance at the America First Policy Institute’s two-day summit shows that he was the first public speaker in Washington, DC since the former president resigned in January 2021. Become more vulnerable to crime and support law enforcement agencies and their officers.

Former President Calls on US Police State

Mr. Trump said the country is becoming dangerous to its citizens and highlights cases of everyday attacks on Americans in cities such as Washington DC and Philadelphia, which are widely reported by conservative media. ..

“Dangerously confused people roam our city without punishment. One of the main reasons we live in these different countries is that the law is no longer respected. There is no order. Our country is now a sewage pool of crime. ” Trump saidOnly 18 months after leaving the office at the end of his first term.

Trump advocated what the significant increase in police officers across the country would be, and said there should be police cars in every corner. He called for “a non-prohibited national campaign to dismantle gangsters and organize street crimes in the United States.” The former president also called for efforts to defeat violence.

“We live in these different countries, one of the main reasons. Laws are no longer respected, and certainly out of order. Our country is now a criminal sewage. It’s a puddle, “said Trump.

“We are a country that has failed,” he added.

Mr. Trump also said that camps for unprotected people in the city should be moved to “a large plot of cheap land outside the city.” The former president added that such camps also require tents with medical professionals, including doctors and psychologists.

To combat crime, Trump says the president should ignore the state’s authority by deploying the National Guard, and “beyond the governor”, completely ignoring the Republican’s often repeated support for state’s rights. Insisted.

“If the governor refuses to protect the people, he just has to bring what he needs,” Trump said. “The president-elect will send National Guard to Chicago’s most dangerous areas until security is restored.” I need to. “

Trump has a history of supporting rigorous tactics in dealing with drug traffickers and other criminals. In 2017, he called then-Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to crack down on drug dealers and praise the killing of an estimated 12,000 people by police and vigilants.

“I just wanted to congratulate you because I heard an incredible job on drug issues.” Trump reportedly, Mention the country’s out-of-court death rash. “Many countries have problems. We have problems, but what’s the great job you’re doing. I just wanted to call and tell them.”

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