Unpacking the New German Cannabis Reform Bill

Unpacking the New German Cannabis Reform Bill

Following Germany’s cannabis reform movement is like watching a snowboard jumping competition. We embark on big jumps with lofty promises only to face the difficulty of gaining meaningful momentum right off the bottom of the halfpipe. Nonetheless, we believe that broader cannabis legalization will require sacrifice and the skill to successfully navigate this path, while embracing a small politics towards higher regulatory leaps. We are tenaciously continuing our movement.

of cannabis law It’s an important step forward. We rarely get exactly what we want, but it holds promise for EU-GMP cannabis growers who have invested heavily in creating a global pharmaceutical-grade marketplace.

Medical cannabis reform in Germany

The Cannabis Act proposes to reform the way doctors prescribe cannabis, removing the narcotic designation that stigmatizes prescribing and holds doctors accountable. If passed, the bill would allow doctors and telemedicine organizations to prescribe cannabis for nearly any condition without fear of lengthy paperwork and the stigma of being a controlled substance.

This framework is reminiscent of early medical programs in the United States and Canada. In these countries, it has become steadily easier to obtain cannabis prescriptions as patient-driven demand takes over. As you can see, the cannabis industry in these countries is thriving.

Home cannabis cultivation for German citizens: small steps

Photo: Ian McWilliams, Flickr

Allowing citizens to grow three cannabis plants at home is nothing short of monumental. But it’s a powerful, symbolic statement about how the cannabis plant should be accessible to the wider public, and a first step towards decriminalization legislation.

The law marks a move towards increasing public support from politicians and treating the power plant as a right for all Germans. It’s a small change, but it needs applause from both organized cannabis growers and cannabis advocates who have fought hard to make it happen.

German Cannabis Social Club

Social clubs are a completely unproven economic model, reminiscent of the “coffee shop” model combined with small legal growth to service the club. These social clubs are legal versions of social clubs around Barcelona and reflect the Maltese and Swiss proposals.

Although novel, the social club model is a positive shift towards small-scale cannabis adoption. It caters to a niche market for flower lovers and appeals to cannabis entrepreneurs who want to explore their green thumb. As home grows, the impact on the illicit market remains to be seen, but progress here sets the stage for the next move.

Focusing on German pharmacies

Institutional investors and producers of cannabis are all looking to the next step: US- and Canadian-style dispensaries where adults can walk into stores and buy high-quality, regulated products. These facilities will likely compete directly with the illegal market and generate the capital needed to push cannabis towards national legalization. Although not included in the body of the current bill, all attention is on the future as we celebrate the progress made so far.

Cannabis laws hold promise for the future

The latest cannabis law has something for everyone, whether you’re a home enthusiast, an advocate, a members-only green thumb enthusiast, or a large institutional investor. With this bill, there is little doubt that we are on the road to legalization. There is still much work to be done, but together we are moving forward and have hopes for the future of regulated cannabis in Germany.

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