You Can Pay This Russian Company To Fake Your Death, Bury You Alive For About $60K

You Can Pay This Russian Company To Fake Your Death, Bury You Alive For About $60K

While the rest of us Namby Pumby Americans pay psychiatrists $80 an hour or eat mushrooms to deal with their problems, Russians have developed a much more direct approach. Did. buried alive.

A St. Petersburg, Russia-based company called Prekated Academy offers a chance to fake your own death, hold your own funeral, and start a new life. All you have to do is pay one low price of 3,545,000 Russian Rubles or 57,455 USD.

The following is (roughly) translated from an Instagram post.


  • Your life turned into a series of desperate intercourse
  • Can’t get out of the financial hole
  • I don’t take my business, my team, my life, my family out
  • I can’t see a positive outlook

Don’t be afraid of death, but think of it as an opportunity for rescue.

I really tried to get in touch with someone at this company but never managed to get in touch due to the basic limitations that exist when trying to get in touch with people in different parts of the world. Did. However, this seems like a service you can actually pay for. I don’t know if anyone has taken advantage of it without being tricked. That said, advertising a $57,000 service to people in financial distress seems inherently ludicrous.

“Bay goodbye to your low standard of living, irrevocably burn the bridge to your tragic past, and give you the chance to rethink your life and achieve undeniable personal success.” It will not only restore faith in a happy future, but it will restore the love of great mission, potential and life in all its diversity.”

Most of the rest of the remaining company Instagram posts I’ve translated are devoted to business marketing tactics, or indirect success stories about people making a ton of money using fake self-death services. It looked like

Courtesy of Prekated Academy/Instagram

However, a key post immediately following the original post offering living burial services may be concerned about ensuring one’s own safety in paying such exorbitant costs. It reassured the skeptics.

“We do not intend to expose our clients to undue risk,” the post said. “Scientists have calculated that a buried person can hold enough air in the coffin for about 5.5 hours.

I’m a diligent little journalist, I’ve looked it up.According to this, depending on the size of the coffin, the time you can survive is about 5 hours. websiteThe next obvious question the post decided to answer was what the company’s protocol would be if a client wanted to stay in the coffin.

“Euthanasia is illegal in our country, so we’ll save you whether you choose to continue being fucked or reborn,” the post said. We have introduced euthanasia quotas and are actively promoting this service even as a measure against depression.

The service appears to be available worldwide, but to get the full shebang you have to go to St. Petersburg.

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