Off-Duty Pentagon Police Officer Arrested With at Least 2.5 Kilos of Cocaine

Off-Duty Pentagon Police Officer Arrested With at Least 2.5 Kilos of Cocaine

An undercover investigation in Virginia ended last Friday with the arrest of an off-duty Pentagon officer by Arlington County police.

The ACPD issued a press release about Halloween, saying their detectives were investigating Welch for possible selling drugs, based on evidence they didn’t provide details. Since the investigation is still active, it is not uncommon for law enforcement agencies of all kinds to keep information restricted until the investigation is complete. Not much detail was provided.

“On the afternoon of October 28, he was taken into custody on Block 1300 of S. Scott Street in Arlington, Virginia, after detectives observed him purchasing drugs for distribution. A firearm was found at the scene. A search warrant was subsequently executed at the suspect’s residence in Alexandria, resulting in the recovery of additional quantities of drugs and firearms, resulting in the Alexandria Municipal Police distributing controlled substances (x2) to Welch. charged with possession with intent to do so and possession with intent to distribute controlled substances while armed.” – Arlington County Police Department.

Courtesy of Arlington County Police Department

These charges indicate Welch was arrested with between 2.5 and 5 kilos of cocaine. Naturally, I emailed the Pentagon and asked how their officers got so much Coke when my guy was dry for weeks at Sam Hell. They sent me the following statement:

“The Pentagon Military Protection Agency is aware that an off-duty Pentagon officer was arrested by the Arlington County Police Department on October 28, 2022. The officer has been placed on administrative leave.”

I asked if this was the first time Welch had been reprimanded for his behavior both inside and outside the workplace.

Jacqueline Yost, director of the corporate communications office at the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, said, “I do not comment on individual personnel matters.

Welch was also arrested at least once in Arlington County. Another charge for failing to pay for a rental vehicle or animal was also entered, but no other information was immediately available. I searched and couldn’t find any other entries about Eric Michael Welch.

When asked if they knew if Welch had a criminal record or if it was common for police officers to deal with criminal records, the Pentagon didn’t want to comment.

As of Wednesday morning, inmates query The Arlington County Detention Facility indicated that Welch was still incarcerated and unrestrained.

@welch_fit/Courtesy of Instagram

Interestingly, Welch maintained a moderately active Instagram presence devoted to bodybuilding and all things fitness before his arrest. To ensure , Welch couldn’t directly confirm that they were the same person, so I’m saying this based on a basic image and name comparison.

He’s completely ripped, like eating a bowl of nails for a ripped breakfast, and his Instagram bio lists a company called MSF Supplements as a sponsor. I reached out to them to see if Welch was still a sponsored athlete, or if they were aware of the accusations and hadn’t made it to publication in time.

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