A Balm For Baldness? Study Finds Hemp Topical Solutions May Trigger Hair Growth

A Balm For Baldness? Study Finds Hemp Topical Solutions May Trigger Hair Growth

For generations, medical professionals have sought treatments to combat the effects of hair loss. newly published research It suggests that the answer may come in the form of hemp-derived topical solutions.

This research international technical journalA total of 31 subjects with male pattern baldness, or “AGA”, participated in this study.

Androgenic alopecia, a “genetically predetermined disease”, is represented by “progressive loss of terminal hair on the scalp after puberty” and affects as many as half of men and women. According to the National Institutes of Health.

“Both males and females follow a characteristic distribution. In males, hair loss is most pronounced in the parietal and frontotemporal regions, whereas in females, the frontal hairline is usually more pronounced in the parietal and temporal regions. Sparing parietal diffuse hair loss, hair loss is often characterized by a wider central area.This activity explores when this condition should be considered in the differential diagnosis and how to properly assess it. “This activity highlights the role of multidisciplinary teams in the care of patients with this disease,” said the NIH.

For this study, researchers examined 15 men and 16 women. Twenty-seven of the subjects were Caucasian, two were Asian, and one was defined as “mixed race.”

“They used a topical hemp extract formulation once daily and averaged about 33 mg per day for six months. “To facilitate consistent hair count analysis, a permanent tattoo was made on the scalp at the point of greatest baldness,” the researchers detailed the methodology.

“Subjects were asked to qualitatively rate their psychosocial perceptions of improved ‘scalp coverage’ after study completion. Qualitative scales included ‘very unhappy’, ‘unhappy’, ‘ Includes Neutral, Happy, and Very Happy. Subjects were photographed in standard fashion before and after the study. These photographs were compared for improved “scalp coverage” by an independent physician. The qualitative scale included ‘none’, ‘mild’, ‘moderate’ and ‘extensive’ improvement in scalp coverage. ”

“Results showed that all subjects experienced some degree of regrowth,” the researchers said.

“This ranged from 31.25% (16–21 hairs) to 2000% (1–21 hairs). increased), and 127% (16.06 threads/cm2) in women,” the researchers wrote. “There were no reported side effects. All subjects rated their psychosocial perceptions of the effects of hair loss as ‘happy’ or ‘very happy.’ An independent review of the photographs revealed evidence of improvement in scalp coverage from ‘mild’ to ‘extensive’ in all subjects. ”

Although “the exact mechanism of therapeutic effect is unknown,” the researchers said, tetrahydrocannabivarin and cannabidivarin “most likely function as full neutral CB1 receptor antagonists, while CBD is a partial As a CB1 receptor antagonist, it most likely functions potentially through Wnt messaging.”

“All three cannabinoids acted as TRPV1 agonists. The addition of menthol via peppermint extract probably acts by promoting a rapid onset of the growing season. This topical cannabis formulation , oral finasteride, 5% minoxidil once-daily form, and CBD topical extract alone.This hemp extract works by a novel mechanism that is completely different from finasteride and minoxidil, thus making these current It can be used in combination with drugs and is expected to have synergistic effects.However, the safety and efficacy of this combination should be evaluated,” they concluded.

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