CBD Can Significantly Lower Dogs’ Stress and Anxiety in Car Travel, Study Shows

CBD Can Significantly Lower Dogs’ Stress and Anxiety in Car Travel, Study Shows

Taking your dog to the vet or anywhere that involves driving can be stressful. Not just for the poor puppy, but for you too. But your favorite plants, especially CBD, can make that experience easier for them. And yes, you can eat a little too.

According to one researcher, dogs that consume CBD daily find that stress and anxiety related to car trips are “significantly reduced.” new research. Scientists at the Waltham Petcare Science Institute in the UK investigated both the behavioral and physiological stress responses of dogs given CBD (THC-free cannabis) and a placebo group that did not receive CBD. They studied dogs before, during, and after a car trip. For the study, researchers partnered with Mars Petcare, a pet food and veterinary company.

Twenty dogs participated in the study. And these weren't dogs who would jump at the chance to stick their heads out of the car window and wag their tongues in the wind enthusiastically. To qualify, all had symptoms of anxiety and stress related to car travel. But in this case, administering CBD two hours before required driving resulted in “meaningful improvement” in all men's best friends who received CBD during the 24 weeks the study lasted. .

How, you may be wondering, did they even out the dogs' stress levels? Levels of the steroid hormone cortisol, which is associated with cancer, were monitored. They also looked at more obvious factors, such as how much they whined. The results suggested that these stress indicators were “significantly affected by CBD administration,” and that “a daily dose of 4 mg/kg may have a mild anxiolytic effect in dogs traveling by car.” “This shows that there is,” the study said.

Stress levels in the placebo group also decreased. In humans, the placebo effect is very effective. When you believe you are ingesting something, your brain often reacts as if it were true. However, because dogs (as far as we know) do not understand the implications of taking drugs such as CBD, this study hypothesized that the reduction in anxiety in the placebo group was a result of the dogs becoming accustomed to driving. doing. But before you think this is the reason dogs that took CBD were less stressed, note that on average, dogs in this group had lower cortisol levels after the test than at the start of the study.

However, stress indicators such as cortisol did not completely disappear. As a result, the study's authors suggest that, just like in their owners, CBD is most effective in reducing anxiety in dogs as part of a comprehensive approach, and that CBD can be used “in ways such as behavior modification therapy. “It is best used in conjunction with other interventions.” To completely reduce stress in dogs… When you combine these results with the established pharmacokinetics that CBD oil reaches peak levels in 1.5-2 hours and has a half-life of 1-4 hours, CBD… This suggests that a single dose can be used effectively. Treat before acute stressors. ”

The researchers concluded that “additional research is needed to better understand the effects of CBD at other doses on improving mental health in dogs.”

Enjoying the calming effects of CBD isn't the only thing humans and dogs have in common. Just like our brains and bodies, stress can be quite harmful to pets. Dogs with anxiety experience a variety of symptoms, from physiological changes such as increased heart rate and suppressed digestion to behavioral changes such as increased reactivity and depression. Stress can also cause digestive problems such as diarrhea and vomiting, urinating more often or uncontrollably, and obsessive-like behaviors such as pacing or grooming too much. . Poor thing! Stress in dogs can lead to increased aggression, indicated by growling and biting. Over time, high levels of stress will begin to negatively affect your dog's health. That's why pet owners need CBD to help them calm down and relax, too.

This isn't the only study showing that dogs can benefit from cannabis. One of our 2018 studies One researcher suggested that CBD may reduce seizures in dogs, and another in the same year found that CBD may relieve arthritis pain. Marijuana Moment Report. But with legalization, weed-sniffing police are losing their jobs. But perhaps retiring early is also good for reducing stress levels, so this is another win for dogs and cannabis.

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