Critics Blame Flavored Cannabis Products for Targeting Kids

Critics Blame Flavored Cannabis Products for Targeting Kids

A chorus of experts is growing concerned about the prevalence of candy-flavored cannabis products and other flavored cannabis products that appeal to children in states with legal cannabis.

Some of the uproar was sparked in the first few days of the state’s adult-use cannabis sale earlier this month when New York officials showed local media a watermelon-flavored cannabis edible product.

Associated Press report As pressure mounts to address how cannabis products are allegedly targeting children, several individuals with expertise in epidemiology and tobacco control research are working together.

“I strongly argue that we should learn from the nicotine space and have similar concerns with cannabis products in terms of their appeal to young people,” said Catherine Keyes, professor of epidemiology at Columbia University.

“If I were to go to a cannabis store right now,” she said.

The adult cannabis market in New York has recently started. State adult use laws prohibit marketing or advertising designed in a way to appeal to children or other minors.

However, state Cannabis Control Offices (OCMs) have yet to establish clear rules for labeling, packaging, and advertising. What would a ban look like? Some concepts prohibit the use of images of food, candy, sodas, drinks, cookies, or cereals on packaging. OCM officials believe these images may appeal to minors.

Lyla Hunt, OCM’s deputy director of public health and campaigns, said, “Consumers know that if they see a product that looks like other products commonly marketed to children, it’s an illegal market product. Parents should be aware of one thing.

But when OCM chief Chris Alexander introduced a watermelon-flavored edible product to the media at New York’s first licensed adult cannabis store, people’s heads were spinning.

New York law provides civil penalties of up to $50 for minors found in possession of cannabis. Licensed cannabis retailers found selling to minors face fines and possible loss of license, but no jail time.

“If you’re talking about strawberry cheesecake, mango, or cookies and cream flavors, it’s very difficult to claim that they’re meant for older people,” said Pamela Lynn, Ph.D., director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research. said. Education at the University of California, San Francisco.

“People who consider themselves akin to cannabis enthusiasts will say that smoking flavored cannabis products is like putting ketchup on a steak.

Haven’t you heard this before?

“Can someone please think of the children?” Helen Lovejoy Said upon simpsonsMost adults keep cannabis products out of reach of children and teenagers.

Many states have enacted similar flavored tobacco product bans in recent years. The same hysteria is spreading in the cannabis industry.

california Prohibition of flavored tobacco products It went into effect a few weeks ago. Certain state bans have taken a step further in banning menthol cigarettes.

In 2019 in Massachusetts, state representatives voted. Ban Sale of flavored tobacco and vape products. That’s not all. Vaping products that remain legal are subject to a whopping 75 excise tax.

In Oregon, Governor Kate Brown moved to ban flavored vape cartridges in 2019. But then the Oregon Court of Appeals sided with Dyme Distribution, a cannabis company suing the state over a ban on cannabis products.

Tobacco use has fallen out of favor among teenagers, but e-cigarette and e-cigarette use is on the rise. The new focus of regulation is on cannabis products.

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