Friends Don’t Let Friends Jump Through Loopholes

Friends Don’t Let Friends Jump Through Loopholes

How we got here

If you woke up from a decades-long coma, or were dropped on Earth by aliens, you’d be forgiven for assuming that marijuana is legal in the United States. From Miami to Montana, gas stations, corner stores, and smoking areas seem ready for people to throw rocks whenever they want. Gummies, vapes, pre-rolls, neon weed leaves in the window, it’s all there.

Of course, marijuana is not legal in the United States. Despite the large number of weed sales that are regulated and taxed under state law, the plant remains a Schedule I drug in the eyes of the federal government. Hemp, on the other hand, is so legal that it can be chemically extracted to synthesize trace cannabinoids, turned into an oil and sprayed all over gummies, or pre-rolled and packed into e-cigarette carts and sold anywhere. Masu. want.

Delta 8, Delta 10, HHC, THC-O, THCP, and other cannabis hemp imposters are popping up everywhere for one simple reason. People like to get high and often choose the most convenient and cheapest route to get high. A destination on high ground. But we look forward to the time when cannabis, real cannabis, is legalized nationwide, and we stand firmly against products made through loopholes in the Cannabis Bill, regardless of their legal status. You should have already established the norms.

When the 2018 Farm Bill was signed, hemp (defined as a cannabis plant or product that tests for delta-9 THC concentrations of less than 0.3%) was legalized, setting the stage for the CBD market to explode. did. It seems like a long time ago now, but CBD edibles, mints, salves, ice creams, lattes, and bottled water have been everywhere for years now, serving as super supplements that can do anything to make you feel better. It was advertised… but expensive for everything except making you feel good. That was a problem. People were tired of paying $20 for a pint of CBD ice cream or $12 for a CBD latte and not getting high. They wanted to get high.

Don’t worry, the loophole in the Farm Bill is big enough to fit a Mack truck, and it can certainly accommodate a few drunks. So hemp green rushers, with thousands of acres of plants and tanks of CBD extract, get creative by remixing CBD with solvents, transforming its chemical composition through isomerization, and spitting out THC’s chemical cousins. I started doing it. Delta 8, HHC, THC-0, THCP, the list goes on. They get you high and are below the legal limit of 0.3% THC, problem solved.

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Why marijuana at gas stations is bad

Convenience store retailers across the country were already accustomed to touting CBD in every conceivable form, so the switch to hemp-derived sources was smooth. And while you, dear High Times readers, probably know better and prefer real weed derived from real weed, there are many who look at a package of weed leaves at the register and see the letters THC and can’t tell the difference. is.

These minor cannabinoid products are not only synthetically derived from industrial hemp, but also without oversight, regulation, or consumer protection. From contamination during the manufacturing process to mislabeled products containing far less or far more cannabinoids than advertised, you never know what you’re actually getting when you buy hemp-derived cannabis products. Are there any certificates of authenticity or inspection reports that can be found online? They are really easy to fake.

As we’ve seen with synthetic weed, aka spice, vape carts laced with vitamin electrons, and fake psilocybin chocolate, when the goal is simply to get high as cheaply and conveniently as possible, the bad guys will thrive.

in Chemistry & Engineering News InterviewAfter testing products labeled as Delta-8 thousands of times, Christopher Hudala, president and chief scientific officer of analytical testing company ProVerde Laboratories, said that “consumers are being used as guinea pigs.” ” he said he felt scared.

“My concern is that we have no idea what these products are,” Hudala said. “So far, I have not seen any products that would be considered legitimate delta-8-THC products. They may contain delta-8, but they may contain up to 30 delta-8s. There are so many.” [chromatographic] Unidentifiable peak. ”

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Stoners have to stand up for real weed

We have reached a point in American culture where it is socially acceptable to sell intoxicating products labeled as marijuana from gas station counters. So as real cannabis continues to be legalized state by state and eventually nationwide, weed culture will become part of it. Not only to ensure the safety of our fellow consumers, but also to ensure that genuine weed growers and sellers (legal and illegal) can continue to survive in a changing industry. must also be resisted.

From stoners to pot brands, cultural figures to pro-legalization legislators, we need to fight back against loophole cannabis with all our might. Get your smoker friends to understand the difference, get your parents to understand the difference, and help your customers understand the difference. Don’t jump on a bag of big bucks, even if it’s financially appealing. Put your cannabis brand’s logo on your Delta 8 Vape and cash in at your corner store.

Cannabis doesn’t just get you high all the time. It’s important to explore the expression of the plant through its terpenes, cannabinoids, and the people who make it possible, especially when one high note in Delta 8 is unreliable and simply not the same.

Purchasing real cannabis has never been easier and cheaper. There are delivery services in every major city, not to mention some form of legal dispensary, unregulated bud boutique, or good old-fashioned cannabis dispensary operating in every zip code in the country. to faceless edible and e-cigarette companies. Turning industrial hemp CBD extract into unrecognizable synthetic cannabinoids does no good to anyone.

Mid, Exotic, Outdoor, Depth, Indoor, New Strains, Old Strains, Brick Weed Full of Seeds and Stems – We put this plant front and center and reject Delta 8 and its Frankenstein synthetic cannabinoid cousins. It deserves the industry, culture and public reputation it receives.

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