Study Demonstrates There is No Evidence Medical Marijuana Laws Increase Underage Consumption

Study Demonstrates There is No Evidence Medical Marijuana Laws Increase Underage Consumption

Proponents and cannabis enthusiasts have been working to legalize marijuana for years, but those who disagree often rely on the rally cry, “What about children?”

It’s a difficult argument to dismiss, but recent studies have shown that some states with the Medical Marijuana Act (MML) have not demonstrated increased use of cannabis among young people. .. The results of these findings are not surprising at all. Despite the criticisms and counterarguments supported by the anti-marijuana legalization campaign, young people were not given a green light to shed light. States had to tackle the issue of marijuana legalization and how to discourage people under the permitted age from consuming marijuana products.

Meanwhile, a private group of leading universities and the state marijuana management committee worked together to study We tracked information about over 1 million teens in 25 years. Data published in the journal, Substance abuseOutlines studies and their conclusions that cannabis use has not increased in the states studied by the Medical Marijuana Act.

The conclusions of the Youth Cannabis Use Study are based on nearly 25 years of reported data

Study read, “Conclusion: The study found no evidence of an increase in adolescents reporting marijuana use or high levels of marijuana use over the last 30 days associated with state MML-established or operational MML clinics between 1991 and 2015. did. In the ever-evolving policy situation of marijuana, continuous monitoring of adolescent marijuana use is important for assessing the effectiveness of the policy. “

This information confirms that other studies likewise cited, including “Youth Cannabis Use Trends Throughout Cannabis Legalization: Data from a COMPASS Prospective Cohort Study.”This Canadian study Preventive medicine reportAnd similar conclusions.

Currently, there is no evidence that states with medical marijuana law are at higher risk for young people using cannabis than states without it. We hope that this trend will continue and that qualified professionals will continue to monitor and report as our country’s cannabis industry grows.

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