Reclaiming Knowledge with New Rituals

Reclaiming Knowledge with New Rituals

Learning about cannabis for the first time can be daunting. Consumers interested in cannabis can search the Internet for general tips on how to start using cannabis, but nothing beats hands-on guidance from a trusted Lexi Kafkis Created new ritual As an essential resource for new consumers, she serves as an educating and mentoring guide for those who want to try cannabis but don’t know where to start.

Kafkis’ experience as a certified cannabis health coach, yoga instructor, and freelance creative director and brand strategist has led her to two key realizations. First, cannabis has been used by ancient cultures around the world for thousands of years, and second, most of today’s cannabis brands do not provide the proper guidance beginners need.

Through offering one-on-one virtual sessions tailored to individual consumer needs and occasional in-person wellness classes in Los Angeles, New Rituals explores ways to embrace cannabis and all that the plant has to offer. Help educate people.

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From ancient rituals to modern wellness

During her yoga teacher training, Kavkis was immediately fascinated by the evidence of ancient cannabis use. Cannabis, she said, is mentioned in Hindu scriptures known as the Vedas and in cannabis-consuming groups such as the Sivi, who are saints who worship Lord Shiva (also known as Lords of Ban and Lords of Ganja). Further evidence of cannabis use in places such as Africa, Israel and China made her open to its widely admired properties and long-recognized benefits in plant medicine.

Today we are witnessing the end of more than 80 years of banning, but Kafkis compares this to the thousands of years when cannabis was once commonly used, a grand scheme of human history. It is expressed as “just a moment” in

“This plant is ubiquitous and has been used for thousands of years. [and] Many of those traditions have been erased. We’ve lost a lot of that knowledge,” Kafkis said. “But how do you keep that respect going into the commercialization and commercialization of this product?”

During his seven years in the industry, Kafkis has worked with many brands, but over time he began to notice a trend.

“I started to realize there was a huge discrepancy between how brands made their products and how they communicated to their customers,” she says.

She personally stresses that “THC has been one of my greatest tools and spiritual allies,” but the style of advertising for high THC products never resonated with her as a consumer. said.

“This product still has a very masculine consumer approach that resembles high THC,” she says. “When you go to conferences, they just advertise things like abnormal heights of 30% or more. [THC] Concentrate, patted and hash infused rolls. ”

In response, Ms. Kafkis shifted her focus to working with CBD brands that match her passion for botanical medicine and health.

“I would really like to see a more feminine approach. I don’t mean there will be more women in the cannabis industry. Sure we need that, but we need a softer approach,” she says. “More microdosing, more guided experiences, more pairings, things like yoga and breathing exercises that people are already doing behind closed doors.”

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new ritual

Kafkis saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between cannabis of the past and the plant we know today. Her mission is to create a resource for those considering cannabis for the first time and to provide important information for consumers living in states that have recently legalized cannabis.

“I’m really passionate about helping people and guiding them to the right use of plants, with the right products in the right doses,” she says.

As a certified cannabis health coach, Kafkis helps new consumers learn cannabis by educating them on many aspects of the herb, including how cannabis interacts with the human body, determining appropriate dosages, and maintaining the endocannabinoid system. help you along the way. Through 3 different sessions.

New Rituals’ One-Hitter Session is a one-hour meeting and general introduction to cannabis. This gives Kafkis the opportunity to assess people’s needs and address any questions or goals people may have, including recommendations and dosage suggestions.

The second is the “seedling session”. This includes two of his 60-minute virtual sessions aimed at a more comprehensive education on plant history and science.

“or [session] It’s important not only to find the right product for them, but to really understand how cannabis plants work, leaving enough resources for them to buy the product themselves,” Kavkis explained. To do. “So they don’t have to constantly rely on recommendations from me or anyone else.”

Finally, “Full Spectrum Sessions” are offered as six one-hour sessions covering a variety of information. This includes information shared in his two previous session types, but Kafkis goes a step further and explains how to maintain his ECS in general, both with cannabis and with other methods. guide the consumer.

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“So we stick to the diet for a week. So what dietary substances can help boost the endocannabinoid system,” Kafkis explains. “Both breathing and movement [are] Complements the endocannabinoid system. So I offer them breathing and movement exercises like yoga and stretching. Or maybe you want something a little more active. ”

For now, consumers can connect with Kafkis through virtual sessions at New Rituals, with occasional in-person events in Los Angeles. But as more states continue to legalize cannabis and more consumers begin to see cannabis as a health tool, she’s eagerly awaiting what the future holds.

“I think cannabis is the first step towards more global acceptance of botanical medicine.

This article originally appeared in the May 2023 issue of the magazine. high times magazine.

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