Weed-Funded Rec Center Opens in Aurora, Colorado

Weed-Funded Rec Center Opens in Aurora, Colorado

The city of Aurora, Colorado, hosted the grand opening of its new 77,000-square-foot recreational facility on Tuesday. The recreational facility was funded entirely by tax revenues from legal marijuana sales.

Known as the “Southeast Recreation Center and Fieldhouse,” according to a local news station, the facility has a wide range of amenities. KDVR: “23,000 sq. ft. fieldhouse with temperature-controlled indoor environment. Full-size field with professional-grade turf. 8,000 sq. ft. versatile gymnasium. [that] Accommodates 1 main basketball court, 2 cross basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts, or 3 pickleball courts. A 1/9 mile long track above the fitness area and gymnasium. A 7,600 square foot fitness area with state-of-the-art equipment. outdoor fitness space. fitness studio. Large community room. [and a] Natatorium consists of: 125,000 gallon swimming pool with a maximum depth of 7 feet. Spa pool with water jets. A leisure pool with a 25-yard four-lane lap pool, lazy river, and 20-foot waterslide. ”

The city plans to build the facility in early 2021, making it the second new recreation facility to open in Aurora in the past four years.

Another recreation center that opened in 2019 was also funded with taxes from marijuana sales. According to KDVRPress agency Westworld report In 2020, the Aurora City Council “approved to increase the city’s sales tax on recreational marijuana from 7.75% to 8.75%, with additional revenues to fund youth violence prevention projects.”

Brooke Bell, Director of Aurora Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces, said: Press release From the city earlier this month. “After an extensive community engagement process, the feedback we received guided the creation of this extraordinary facility. We look forward to the community enjoying the space they envisioned for years to come.” increase.”

In a press release, the city Said The Southeast Recreation Center is located “close to several neighborhoods and the Aurora Reservoir,” adding, “The center offers the city’s first indoor field house, plus a variety of other amenities and views of the breathtaking Colorado Mountains. It is a regional destination that boasts views of

The construction of two recreational facilities in Aurora is the result of supporters who helped Colorado become one of the first two states to legalize recreational cannabis, more than a decade before voters approved Amendment 64. It works as a “proof of concept”.

Proponents of marijuana legalization have long argued that a regulated retail cannabis market could be an economic boon for state and local governments.

“Colorado has done something no one has done before,” said Colorado Gov. Jared Polis at an October event marking the 10th anniversary of Colorado’s legalization measures. Denver Gazette“Voters and [approval] With the 64th Amendment, we made history, and it’s only fitting that we celebrate our 10th anniversary here today at History Colorado. ”

The Democrat Polis has worked to strengthen marijuana laws. Last summer, he signed an executive order stating, “To ensure that Colorados are not subject to penalties for possessing, growing, or using marijuana, the substance is legal in Colorado as a result of the 64th Amendment. ‘ said. His office announced at the time.

“Excluding people from the workforce for marijuana-related activities, which are legal in Colorado but still criminally punishable in other states, will hurt our residents, our economy, and our state. No person who legally consumes, possesses, grows, or processes marijuana in accordance with Colorado law should be subject to professional sanctions or denied a professional license in Colorado. This includes individuals who consume, possess, grow, or process marijuana in another state in a manner that is legal under Colorado law,” Polis said. Said in a statement.

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