Healing the Mind With Ketamine

Healing the Mind With Ketamine

Want to explore another dimension? With ketamine, you can tour the entire universe and return to your living room on the same night. However, this psychedelic substance isn’t just for exploring otherworldly realms. A true tool for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Above 300 million people are battling depression, ketamine serves as an important tool for mental illness, pain relief, party favors, and as a meditation aid. But instead of rubbing it in to make your wishes come true, you simply set an intention.

A person from Bali told me:let’s go to the moon?” and stuck. Interestingly though, I was able to see the sun while riding the K. The sun begins to project a halo, exudes its vibrant aura and speaks directly to me. It reminded us that we are not only connected to the moon, but also to the sun.

  • Additionally, it’s good to know that gazing at the sun during the first few minutes of sunrise and the last minutes of sunset can open your third eye (the pineal gland).

Everything is energy and all matter has vibrations. That said, it makes sense that your energetic vibrations and mindset will affect your ketamine trip. Let’s get to it. This can’t be overemphasized, but it’s very important if you want to go to the moon (as opposed to being stuck in a bathtub at someone’s house party).

Call it a “horse tranquilizer,” “special K,” or “keto,” but there’s no denying the fact that ketamine is one of the truly fascinating drugs. It’s a kind of “fairy dust”, because if you use it wisely, you can enter a fairytale world. (But don’t confuse it with angel powder—a nickname for heroin).

On the other end of the spectrum, ketamine can plummet into a ‘k-hole’ when abused with alcohol. , you Have If you’ve climbed from a k-hole before, you know it’s not a dream place…

Hopping on Ketamine Express can be a very attractive prospect for those who want to indulge in magical moments and take advantage of altered states of consciousness. can offer very creative ideas for (as long as the body is well prepared).

special feature World Health Organization Essential Medicines Listthis unique drug is starting to claim more media coverage than ever before, and it’s no wonder why.

Ketamine clinics are popping up all over the country, with some people paying up to $2,000 per session, according to Ketamine Clinic Direct, which represents Ketadosurge.

The rise of ketamine

The history of ketamine dates back to 1956. Parke-Davis and CompanyLaboratory in Detroit, Michigan, USA. It was at that time that it was used as the “ideal” anesthetic for monkeys.

On August 3, 1964, intravenous ketamine was first injected into humans. Subjects described the experience as “loosing sensation in their extremities and floating in space, as if disconnected from their bodies and surroundings.”

Due to its strange sensations, ketamine is believed to be a dissociative anesthetic. It was used to treat wounded soldiers during the Vietnam War due to its large margin of

Since this time, the market (both black and legal) has swelled to enormous proportions.Reported by fairfield market research Ketamine shows 16.0% CAGR between 2021 and 2026 as clinical trials investigate suitability for treatment of alcoholism, bipolar depression, suicidal ideation, and social anxiety .

Using Crystals and Ketamine for Meditation

Ketamine has a very spiritual component, so you better prepare to awaken your inner light. that is soul, we Have body. Our body is just an avatar, and the way we treat it certainly affects the experience of ketamine.By the way, I’d like to ask anyone reading this to raise their hands if they’ve seen avatars in 3D on Ketamine…)

We all signed up for this.maybe i just don’t remember why Not yet, don’t you want to know? That’s what ketamine is all about, it can remind you of your soul’s purpose. It can be injected into the body.

In short, I have to prepare my body Before When you consume ketamine, ketamine consumes you. If you use it wisely, you will not only gain immense pleasure, but you will also be privileged to delve into the majestic realms of the Divine White Light and the blissful dimensions of consciousness.

Remember when Aldous Snow stroked a hairy wall? take him to greekNow, ketamine can be used as an amplification tool for meditation and when used with crystals it is entirely possible to become a master as well as one’s own mind.? your reality.

The late author and artist Timothy Wylie claims to have had conversations with angels about ketamine… completely changing the journey. Yes you read that right. crystal. If you smoke ketamine crystals, you may be holding onto free crystals to enhance the drug’s magical touch.

K can be used to remember your true Higher Self and understand why you came here, but it can also be abused (with alcohol, for example) to get you down to the worst instead of sublimating.Golden state of sleep. This is why preparing for the ride is important.


I truly believe that ketamine can be used as a tool for manifestation by harnessing altered states of consciousness and entering into what Abraham Hicks likes to call “the vortex”.

Ketamine essentially helps us raise and lower our vibration. The results are ready. It is entirely possible to customize your trip based on your vibration and mindset. At high vibrations, you can enter the quantum field. That said, ketamine could serve as a magical tool for slipping into quantum fields and revealing desired realities through visualization meditation.

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, “You cannot perceive the reality of the quantum field with your senses. It exists on another plane. You have to perceive it with your consciousness.”

Experts say that at this level you begin to feel like you already have everything you ever dreamed of.

“Once you’re in a place called the Quantum Field and you feel like you’ve got everything you dream of, you don’t have to fight anymore. Creating something through the field makes a difference in dimensional reality. This is for example: It can be healing from illness or negative experiences.”

Preparing for the ride…

Too many people are confused about K. they think it’s bad. They feel like they might end up in an ugly mess and have the same experience, so they don’t want to do it all over again. It’s not good to get out of control, but if you go into it unconsciously, you may not like the experience at all.

Studies show that both ketamine and meditation influence the default mode network in the brain. This part of the brain is the default part when we are not actively focusing on the outside world, and in depressed individuals it can be “hijacked”. Could ketamine be the cure for a busy mind? Maybe.

There are several key elements to a ketamine trip to ensure the desired results.

  • hydrate with water
  • Eat colorful fruits and vegetables to awaken your chakras and enhance your overall experience
  • Avoid using in unfamiliar places
  • Chew the raw ginger before you chew (this raises your vibrations and lets you dive into a wonderful world)
  • Prepare your music playlist wisely. The frequency of music affects us when we stumble. Reggae Classics on Spotify is a pretty good choice.avoid unusual sounds

It is also helpful to take vitamin C beforehand. As research shows, Vitamin C may lower anxiety levelsguaranteed to give your mind that extra calm so you can make the most of your experience.

K-hole steering clear

Kit Kelly’s book little book on ketaminehe states that you will probably have “telepathic synergistic” communication God taking ketamine. He’s not wrong – I (and I’m sure many others) were thrown into an otherworldly divination portal while under the influence of ketamine. Then you can’t go there.

There are many misconceptions about ketamine because most people do it at low vibrations.Sliding into k-holes seems to be a common practice for party-goers who smoke ketamine powder with alcohol. Both drugs impair coordination and thought processes.

If you want to see what this drug can do, I recommend staying well hydrated and taking plenty of vitamins. The higher it is, the better the overall experience. After all, everything is energy, and every substance we consume has an energy frequency. Energy is everything.

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